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Cerfacs in 2016 Press

The Conversation du 15 décembre : Modeling climat thanks to scientific computing

Air & Cosmos, July 18th  (in French): Onera and Andheo rewarded for a radically innovative aerothermal simulation engine

Air & Cosmos News Letter du 28 avril : The Safran Helicopter Engines’ swirling combustion chamber

L’Usine Nouvelle d’avril 2016 p.18-19 :” In Meteorology, all relies on  simulation” :  an interview of Olivier Gupta, Météo-France Deputy Managing Director

Gazette du CINES : CERFACS participates in the CINES’ Grand Challenges.

Lettre de l’Idris : CERFACS participates in the Idris’ Grand Challenges

HPC_Review_Avril_2016 : Lenovo triples the CERFACS’ computing performance


Hydrology prize for Gildas DAYON

thual |  12 January 2017

Gildas Dayon was awarded the 2016 Henri Milon prize (hydrology) by the Société Hydrotechnique de France for his Ph.D thesis entitled "Evolution of the continental hydrological cycle over France during the coming decades" . This work has been done at the CECI CERFACS-CNRS joint research unit, and...Read more

Best 2016 ASME paper in combustion for an AVBP study at IMFT

superadmin |  4 January 2017

Dr Christian KRAUS (IMF Toulouse) ASME 2016 paper was chosen as one of the Best Papers by the Combustion, Fuels & Emissions Committee after the 2016 Turbo Expo in Seoul, South Korea: GT2016-56368 - Influence of Heat Transfer and Material Temperature on Combustion Instabilities in a Swirl...Read more