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Who is concerned with CERFACS’ training sessions ?

Since 2011, CERFACS has initiated an advanced training program in computing for students , PhDs, engineers and researchers from academic and applied research.

The training sessions are taught by CERFACS’ researchers and engineers and are either non-specialized in scientific computing and applied mathematics or specific to CERFACS’ expertise fields.

Practical sessions dedicated to the codes developed or co-developed by CERFACS (AVBP, OpenPALM, DOSCLIM, CESC, OASIS) are part of this program and are set on its premises.

CERFACS is authorised to give training sessions within the “personnal account training” (i.e. DIF, Droit Individuel à la Formation).


Invited communication to the BIDS'17 conference

thual |  12 December 2017

During an invited communication to the « Big Data from Space 2017 » conference, CERFACS presented the stakes and the perspectives of its strategic axis "Data Driven Modeling" from the point of view of the valorization of satellite data. For more details, see the article:...Read more

One Cerfacs’ proposal accepted in PRACE 15th call

superadmin |  4 December 2017

This study focuses on Hall-effect thrusters, which were first invented in the 1960s. Although such systems have been extensively studied, the detailed physics of the magnetized plasmas in these thrusters is very complex and several plasma processes that have direct influence on the thruster...Read more