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PhD with SAFRAN: LES methods for two phase reacting flows in moving geometries. Application to Constant Volume Combustion chambers

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Required Education : Master ou école d'ingénieur / Master of Sciences or Diplom Arbeit
Start date : 1 February 2017
Mission duration : 3 ans
Deadline for applications : 1 September 2017
Salary : 1700 Euros net / mois

CERFACS is looking for a PhD student to contribute to the development of LES (Large Eddy Simulation) for two phase flows in moving  geometries. The work will be done with AVBP, the world leading software in this field (http://cerfacs.fr/en/computational-fluid-dynamics-softwares/). The objective is to improve the code capacities to handle combustion and two-phase flows together in a system with moving walls. This will allow to compute CVC chambers which are viewed as one of the only methods to improve the efficiency of gas turbines in 2030/2040. This is a ground breaking type of research, in collaboration with SAFRAN Tech and SAFRAN HELICOPTER ENGINES (SHE). The work is supported by an ANR project called SIMUMOPS. The experiments will be performed by Poitiers and SHE. The PhD student at CERFACS will develop new models, work on the moving geometries algorithms, develop models for liquid films on walls and use the final code on two applications provided by Poitiers and SHE.


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