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Marie Curie PhD positions at CERFACS on combustion instabilities in 2017/2018

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Start date : 1 February 2018
Mission duration : 3 years

CERFACS develops all models and tools to perform Large Eddy Simulations (LES) of reacting flows in combustion chambers. The AVBP code of CERFACS (www.cerfacs.fr/cfd/parallel.php) is one of the main tools of the SAFRAN companies to study unsteady combustion in rocket, helicopter and aircraft engines. The problem of combustion instabilities is a crucial issue for many engines for which simulation and theories have become the main paths to try to mitigate these problems.

Thermo-acoustic instabilities are a recurrent problem limiting the range of operation of the aeronautical and power generation gas turbine engines. Prediction of their appearance at the design stage is very difficult or even impossible today. The numerical approach that is Large Eddy Simulations (LES) is in this context very promising and recent applications prove the power of this new numerical tool.

In 2017, CERFACS has succesfully participated to two Marie Curie projects called ANNULIGHT and MAGISTER. The Marie Curie program is one of the most prestigious and efficient system to do a PhD in Europe (https://ec.europa.eu/research/mariecurieactions/).  Both programs will allow 15 young students to lead PhDs on combustion instabilities.  CERFACS will be host for three of  these PhDs. The PhD topics will focus on LES of combustion instabilities, acoustic codes and applications to real engines provided by the partners of ANNULIGHT and MAGISTER (CAMBRIDGE, TWENTE, CENTRALESUPELEC, KARLSRUHE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, TU BERLIN, TU MUNCHEN, ETH ZURICH, NTNU, MINES DE PARIS, and SAFRAN TECH, SIEMENS, KLM, SAFRAN HELICOPTER ENGINES, SAFRAN AIRCRAFT ENGINES, GENERAL ELECTRIC, ANSALDO, ROLLS ROYCE, ANSYS).

Examples of PhD life at CERFACS can be seen here in this small video describing PhD experience in Toulouse.

Only non french students can apply for these Marie Curie grants (or french students who have been abroad for more than 3 years). During the PhDs, secondments of 3 months will take place at the other laboratories partners of the projects or in the companies associated to the project. Intensive additional courses will also be provided to the students as part of the cursus of the Marie Curie program.