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Solveurs non linéaires rapides en mécanique des solides.Enrichissement de préconditioneurs pour des problèmes symétriques indéfinis et nonsymétriques, avec application aux systèmes point selle, Sylvain Mercier, 12/11/2015

Derivative free optimization methods for solving large size optimization problems, Nacer Soualmi, 22/10/2015

Beyond and behind linear algebra II, Jean-Baptiste Latre, 22/10/2015

Hermitian Matrices: spectral coupling and chaining, plane geometry and optimisation, Monserrat Rincon-Camacho, 22/10/2015

Passage à l'échelle de la régression linéaire aux données de grande dimension, Zakariae Jorti, 23/09/2015

Python as programming language for algorithms development: study, applications, examples …, Thibaut Lunet, 19/06/2015

Correlation operators based on the iterative solution of an implicitly formulated diffusion equation, Jean Tshimanga, 27/03/2015

An algebraic palette for scientific computing and information processing in small dimensions, Jean-Baptiste Latre, 20/02/2015

A general hybrid formulation of the background-error covariance matrix for ensemble-variational ocean data assimilation, Anthony Weaver, 16/01/2015


Two CERFACS proposals accepted in PRACE 14th call

superadmin |  4 April 2017

Two CERFACS proposals have been accepted at the last PRACE call. The two studies will be performed with the AVBP solver and will address two very different topics: "Large Eddy Simulation of the Deflagration to Detonation Transition » (in collaboration with TOTAL) will focus on explosions in...Read more

Articles of scientific mediation in the online journal “The Conversation”

thual |  31 March 2017

Among the missions of the researchers and engineers of Cerfacs is the dissemination of scientific results at all levels, from specialized scientific journals to media intended for the general public. In this spirit, Cerfacs has chosen the online journal "The Conversation" to publish several...Read more