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LAURE COQUART, born in Paris 14eme, in 1973


Meeting with the Scientists of Giec6 (part I) at Toulouse, France, 29/08/2019:

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CNRS Engineer since December 1st 2006  at CNRS-CERFACS UMR CECI 5318                                                                         

Publications :

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2001 : Ph. D. Thesis in Numerical Fluid Mechanics, Paris VI (Highest honors)
1997 : DEA, Pre-doctorate diploma of Science in Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfert, Paris VI (with honors)
91-96 : DEUG  A – Licence’s degree in Physics (with honors) – Master’s degree in Physics (with honors), Paris VI


2006-2020 : CNRS Engineer, UMR CECI 5318 at Cerfac, GlobC Team, Toulouse, France  

- CNRS annual report every year since 2006

OASIS coupler 

- 2006/2020 : Development and support to the users of the different versions of the OASIS coupler using CVS, SVN and then GIT : OASIS4, OASIS3, OASIS3-MCTV1,V2,V3,V4

- 2009/2020 : Update the OASIS3-MCT web site

- 2019/2020 : Creation of a new Buildbot tests suite (bench_buildbot_since_2019) with BGGD (LMDZ/IPSL atm grid) and NOGT (ORCA1/NEMO ocean grid)

- 2012/2019 : Continuous development of a Buildbot suite tests with all the toy coupled models created to test the functionalities of the OASIS coupler, with lmdz (LMDZ/IPSL atm grid) and torc (ORCA2/NEMO ocean grid)

- Between August 2018 and February 2019 : Test of ESMF v7.1.0r remapping library

- Between October 2017 and December 2017 : Test OASIS3-MCT/Distweight SCRIP library routine using OpenMP to accelerate the weights calculation in the frame of Esiwace1

- 03/2018 : Creation of a generic environment INTERP_ESMF_IRREG_TO_REG for the GlobC team, to interpolate scalar function using ESMF library via NCL between irregular and regular grids at the SCRIP format, both between oceans and between continents with the possibility to combine the results

- 2017 : Creation of a generic environment INTERP_ESMF_REG_TO_REG to interpolate scalar function using ESMF library via NCL between two regular grids at the SCRIP format, both between oceans and between continents with the possibility to combine the results.

- 2015 : Creation of a generic environment INTERP_OASIS3 to interpolate scalar or vector using OASIS3_NONE.x, both between oceans and between continents with the possibility to combine the results. Used by the members of the team

- Trainings on OASIS (2010-2017) : one or two trainings of 2 or 3 days by year on OASIS3, then on OASIS3-MCT. Creation of the toy coupled models for the trainings, management with the administration of the inscription of the participants, mails about the organization of the trainings. See :

Data :

- Since 2012 : Management of the data of the GlobC team (reanalysis, observations). In 2018, Refundation of the scripts to download data (use of python scripts for ECMWF data (ERAI, ERA5, ERA20C) and Coprenicus data (ERA5)). Management of the accounts and of the data located on the different disks of the team.

- Since 02/2019 : Download of simulations for the team on Nemo_lenovo and on Scylla

- Since December 2018 : Bocal ClimaF/C-ESM-EP (Météo-France/IPSL/Cerfacs collaboration) every week during 1/2 day to learn how to create Atmosphere and Ocean Atlas with C-ESM-EP on Scylla, a Cerfacs computer.

- Since July 2017 : Use of CVDP  (only atmosphere diags) to plot CMIP6 simulations results with observations. On May-June-July 2019 perfom CVDP diagnostics on JASMIN for PRIMAVERA multi-model simulations highresSST-present and hist-1950.

- Between March 2018 and December 2018 : Adaptation of Emilia Sanchez Gomez NCL's scripts to perform Ocean diagnostics in the frame of CMIP6 in sight to include them in ESMValTool.

- Management of the data saved on Globull, computer which was stopped in Feb. 2018

-  Between October 2017 and November 2018 : Use ESMValTool1.0 to plot global diagnostics on couple climate models.

Administrative :

- Since November 2018 : Cofo UMR 5318

- Since 2017 : creation and management of the web site of the GlobC team

- Since 2015 : participation to the verification of the publications of the GlobC team. Add continuously the publications in the Mendeley basis since 2019.

Real Coupled Models :

- 2013-2016 : Compilation and runs of the CNRM-CERFACS CNRM-CM5-1 CMIP5 model and its post-processing on Neptune (BULL) and Nemo_lenovo at CERFACS, and Beaufix (BULL) at Météo-France. Support to the users of the GlobC team

Training :

- NCL in 2012 at Cerfacs: Organization with Mary Haley and Denis Shea from NCAR, US, of two sessions of training on NCL at CERFACS. Participants from CERFACS, Météo-France, Mercator.


07/2005-03/2006 : CINES, Montpellier, Research Engineer
- Handbook on the computers of the Center (compilation, job submission) and report on the softwares existing for debugging and measuring performance of parallel codes ; Comparison of two parallel debugging softwares (Tolalview and DDT).

2003-2005 : ONERA, DAFE, Meudon, Postdoc
- 2D/3D Direct Numerical Simulation of compressible trailing vortices submitted to density gradients. European study ; Reports in 2003 and 2005. Article in Physic of Fluids, Feb. 2005 ; Supervision of students (Polytechnique, Mechanical DEA of Paris VI) ; Adaptation and development of a compressible vectorial DNS code from ONERA in F90. Bibliography. Linear and non linear stability analysis.                   
2001-2002 : CEMIF, University of Evry, Lecturer
- Collaboration with the CNES and the LIMSI-CNRS to simulate the over-expanded flow through an axisymmetrical nozzle. Test case from ONERA ; Synthesis report 2003 ; Adaptation et development of a 2D RANS compressible axisymmetrical explicit/ implicit code at LIMSI.                                                            
1997-2001 : LIMSI-CNRS, Orsay, Ph. D. Thesis
« Large Eddy Simulation of a compressible unsteady turbulent flow through a 3D transonic nozzle ».  Supported by ABB-Alstom, EDF and SNECMA.  

- Writing of numerous reports in french and in english ; LIMSI Dpt Mechanics Ph.D student’s representative ; Optimization and development of a 3D LES compressible code, comparison between experiments of ONERA and RANS simulations.

March-June 1997 : LIMSI-CNRS, Orsay, Master of Science training
- Simulation of the heat transfer loss in a fluid, convected in a cylindrical channel for different heat transfer coefficient h. Collaboration with Renault ; Training report ; Bibliography et adaptation of an incompressible code.  

September 1995 : Collège de France, Paris, training
- Bibliography ;  Simulation of the oscillation of the solar neutrinos to understand the difference between the quantity emitted by the Sun and the quantity received on Earth. 


1992-1997: Different summer jobs (Mannesmann, Téléperformance, EDF)

Published on  December 17th, 2019