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- 2015 : Creation of a generic environment INTERP_OASIS3, in /wkdir/globc/datamg/TOOLS/INTERPOLATION,  to interpolate scalar or vector using OASIS3_NONE.x, both between oceans and between continents with the possibility to combine the results.

The Environment was used in the PREFACE Project (by K. Goubanova, interpolation from t359 to regu (0.5 deg)), in the SPECS project (by MP Moine, interpolation from t359 to regu (0.5 deg)), in the PRIMAVERA project (by L. Bessières interpolation from t127 and t359 to regu (0.5 deg)), in the PhD Thesis of V. Rousseau (2017-2020)



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Results obtained with the userdefined interpolation of OASIS4 at high resolution (July 2011- December 2011) : monoproc - multiproc

Results obtained in the frame of CICLE (January 2007-July 2009) : monoproc - multiproc


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Published on  September 12th, 2019