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Workshop SYCL@Cerfacs

Cerfacs hosts a SYCL training course on October 29, 2024, organised by Intel with the support of Microsigma.

SYCL is a royalty-free, cross-platform abstraction layer that enables developers to program heterogeneous architectures using the standard C++ language. It was developed by the Khronos Group and provides an open alternative to proprietary accelators programming languages.

This course is divided into two parts:
The first part covers the fundamentals of SYCL, followed by a hands-on day with the deployment of SYCL code on different architectures: CPUs, GPUs (Intel, Nvidia…).

1. Cours SYCL en ligne 
This first part is a prerequisite for the hands-on session. Once you’ve completed chapter 6 of the SYCL course, you’ll also have access to the full CodeReckons “hands-on learning” catalog for one year.

Date: available from July 13, 2024
Location: online (connection to the Codereckons platform)
Price: free training after registration and subject to availability.

  1. Hands-on at CERFACS
    This second part will start with a Q&A session on the SYCL course taken online, followed by an introduction to the CUDA to SYCL migration support tool: SYCLomatic. The practical session will then be delivered according to the level of participants:
  • For beginners:
    C++ code (basic) to be ported to SYCL and run on Intel GPUs (GPU Max) and Nvidia GPUs
    CUDA code (basic) to be migrated to SYCL and run on Intel GPUs (GPU Max) and Nvidia GPUs
  • For the more advanced: “Bring Your Own Code” BYOC – work with an expert to help port/migrate your code and run it on Intel or Nvidia GPUs

Mandatory prerequisite: completion of SYCL online courses
Dates: confirmation of participation Oct. 1, 2024 (with SYCL course completed by October 20)
Location: CERFACS, Toulouse
Price: free training (meals not included)

Registration open from July 12: Free but mandatory, please email to formation@microsigma.fr.
The course language is French and English.

More informations about SYCL: https://www.khronos.org/sycl/






🎓Patrick STREMPFL thesis defence

Wednesday 4 September 2024From 14h00 at 17h00

  Phd Thesis       JCA room, Cerfacs, Toulouse, France    





🎓Benjamin VANBERSEL thesis defence

Thursday 5 September 2024From 14h00 at 17h00

  JCA room, Cerfacs, Toulouse, France    





🎓 Susanne BAUR thesis defence

Thursday 12 September 2024From 14h00 at 18h00

  Thèses Cerfacs       JCA room, Cerfacs, Toulouse, France