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Prediction of pollutants production in aeronautical engines

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Required Education : Master or Engineering School
Start date : 1 October 2020
Mission duration : 3 years
Deadline for applications : 30 June 2020
Salary : 2400 brut / month


The emission of pollutants such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and soot is a growing concern for aircraft propulsion. Engine manufacturers are thus developing innovative technologies to meet the requirements of present and future regulations. A recent innovation is spinning combustion, developed at Safran Helicopter Engine (SHE). However, the complexity of the chemical processes involved makes the design delicate, and numerical simulation plays a decisive role in controlling the processes that control the behavior of the engine.

This project is part of a European program (LOOPS), coordinated by GDTech, which combines experiments and simulations to understand and improve pollutant emissions in spinning combustion devices.


The objective of this thesis project is to implement prediction models of CO2, NOx and soot in real spinning combustion chambers. We will follow a progressive methodology, with validation stages of increasing complexity. We will thus be able to study the impact of spinning combustion on polluting emissions and suggest work directions to reduce them.


B. Cuenot (cuenot@cerfacs.fr)

E. Riber (riber@cerfacs.fr)