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Development for HPC using MPI / GPUs

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Start date : 1 February 2022
Mission duration : 6 mois


The Centre Européen de Recherche et de Formation Avancée en Calcul Scientifique (CERFACS) specializes in numerical simulation of scientific problems requiring powerful computing tools.

It associates synergistically for research and for training purposes mathemics and physcis specialists with numerics experts and engineers.

This work will be perform in the Algo-COOP team https://cerfacs.fr/coop/. This team develops and improves codes for numerical simulation in parallel computers

Numerical simulation of complex configurations is routinely used by industrial partners (Airbus, Safran, EDF, Total, CNES…) for design purposes.  The progress achieved both in computing efficiency and numerical algorithms make CFD an indispensible tool  for the aerospace industry.

For additional information regarding cerfacs please refer to  https://www.cerfacs.fr


This work will be perform in collaboration with the computer support group (CSG) of CERFACS as well as computer architecture experts ( Intel, NVIDIA, LENOVO).

The evolution of computer hardware for high performance computing highlights a clear trend towards accelerated systems using for example GPUS.

It is therefore of prime importance to refactor , adapt and optimise existing software to benefit from this new systems.

The candidate will as a first step familiarise her/himself with the  AVBP code (https://cerfacs.fr/avbp7x/) and will continue extending the functionalities to support GPU acceleration using  OpenACC (https://www.openacc.org/).

In addition, a transition to the OpenMP paradigm will be considered (https://www.openmp.org).

This work will be validated using existing simulations to evaluate the efficiency gains in simulation time as well as the energy consumption of the code

The AVBP code is distributed to multiple academic and industrial partners ,  the candidate will need to adhere to the current development landscape to include her/his contributions.

Requirements :

  • Team work
  • good knowledge of UNIX
  • knowledge of parallel programming (MPI, OpenMP and/or OpenACC)
  • Code version (git)
  • Computer architecture knowledge is a plus
  • Good english skills

Contacts / Contacts

Name: gabriel.staffelbach@cerfacs.fr
Phone: +33 5 61 19 30 90
Fax: +33 5 61 19 30 30
Email: gabriel.staffelbach[at]cerfacs.fr