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Developer: scientific workflows, interfaces and optimisation – Temporary position

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Required Education : Engineer or Master 2
Start date : 6 January 2020
Mission duration : 12 months (probable extension)
Deadline for applications : 11 November 2019
Salary : 2200 nets/month


Within the context of a large scale H2020 European project on Scientific Data Infrastructures for the Climate Community, IS-ENES3 https://is.enes.org , a platform to access climate data is developed and improved ( https://climate4impact.eu/ ). This platform is connected to other European and International Scientific Infrastructures and needs a significant amount of design and developments using state-of-the-art technologies. This work is a collaboration between many European and international partners.


The current work will focus on several aspects that require collaborative and agile design and development. This is done in the context of climate scenarios scientific datasets. The work will consist of developing the design, development and implementation of the following aspects: interfaces connecting services and platforms, standards, graphical interfaces, data analysis and processing tools (icclim open-source software).

The candidates must have the following knowledge of state-of-the-art technologies: docker, kubernetes, python 3, WPS, ReactJS, xarray/dask, AWS, workflows, etc. Also, basic knowledge in computer programming, optimisation and architecture is needed: Linux environment, C programming and compilation, github/gitlab, etc. Finally, the knowledge of scientific data processing is essential.

This work will require collaborative work with several French, European and International partners, given specifications decided and discussed at several teleconferences and workshops throughout Europe. It will require the applicant to actively participate in those, notably to present and discuss developments that have been done. It will also require to write parts of European Commission Deliverables describing developments done. The project has 22 partners, among them 13 partners who are directly involved in this workpackage.

The work will take place at CERFACS, in a multi-disciplinary team. The candidate must be able to work efficiently in a working team, have a very good work organization, be very proficient in english (speaking, listening, writing) and be very autonomous.