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Direct Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Combustion

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Required Education : Master or enginering degree
Start date : 1 February 2019
Mission duration : 6 months
Deadline for applications : 15 January 2019
Salary : 650 euros/month


CERFACS develops numerical tools for the study and prediction of turbulent reactive flows, for various types of applications ranging from propulsion to chemical processes. Among the various numerical approaches that exist, direct numerical simulation is dedicated to the analysis and fine understanding of the interaction of turbulence with chemical kinetics, in simple generic configurations. This type of simulation makes it possible to develop accurate and validated modeling, but also to generate useful data for machine learning methods (such as neural networks) which are currently in full development.

CERFACS develops the code NTMIX for direct numerical simulation, which solves the 3D compressible equations taking into account a detailed description of thermochemistry.


It is proposed to work on the NTMIX code with a dual purpose. On a numerical level, the objective will be to optimize the code for maximum efficiency on massively parallel computers, as well as to develop and validate the initial conditions and boundary conditions. Another objective will be to carry out a first application of turbulent combustion simulation with detailed chemistry, in order to evaluate the validity of reduced chemical kinetics.

The work will be done in several steps:

  •     Bibliographic study on the direct simulation of turbulent combustion
  •     Handling the NTMIX code
  •     Optimization and parallel efficiency
  •    Application to a study of the impact of detailed chemical kinetics.


B. Cuenot