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Equation of state for large eddy simulation of liquid-gas interface

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Required Education : BAC+5
Start date : 1 February 2024
Mission duration : 6 mois

CERFACS has been developing for some years numerical methods allowing the description of liquid-gas interfaces, in a compressible context.

These methods have been successfully applied for large-scale simulations of fuel injection within aeronautical or space engines.

Several equations of state can be considered to close the thermodynamic system, depending on the operating conditions. Equations of state describing non-ideal gases, called “cubic equations of state”, can be used under high pressure and high temperature conditions.

So-called “stiffened-gas” equations of state, allow the description of liquids at lower pressure.

The objective of the internship is be to quantify the errors induced by these different equations of state in a wide range of operating points, from cold, low pressure conditions, to high pressure, high temperature conditions. Configurations of planar interfaces, isolated droplets, and possibly two-phase jets will be investigated.

The candidate must have a solid background in thermodynamics and a strong taste for physics.

Niveau : Master2 / engineer

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