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H2 combustion and thermo-acoustic instabilities in ground-based gas turbines

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Required Education : Master de recherche ou équivalent
Start date : 1 September 2023
Mission duration : 36 mois
Deadline for applications : 30 November 2023
Salary : > 21 600 € / an

Effet pression et concentration de H2 sur une flamme de bruleur de laboratoire.

Effect of pressure and H2 concentration on a laboratory flame.

Context:  Part of the EU research framework dedicated to H2, this PhD research offer is part of FLEX4H2 for which multiple research institutions in Europe address the capacity of the GT36 gas turbine engine from ANSALDO Energia to operate at full load while burning pure hydrogen or mixtures.  Within the task dedicated to CERFACS, the objectives are to develop the capbility of predicting numerically and thereby before hand, the appearance of the so-called thermo-acoustic instabilties in such
big industrial systems. This will lean on CERFACS’ ability to propose Massively Parallel and High Performance CFD solutions around turbulent reacting flows as well as construct acoustic solutions able to mitigate issues prior to the operation of the real machine.


The main objective of this PhD work is to develop and validate the CERFACS’ Large Eddy Simulation solver AVBP for its use on ground-base gas turbines operated with H2. To do so, the PhD student will have to develop and validate several modeling strategies dealing with turbulent H2 reacting flames to obtain as well as model the so-called Flame Transfer Function of ground-based gas turbine burners. Ultimately, the PhD studuent will have also to propose an LES based acoustic framework able to address engine stability for a wide range of operating conditions to qualify and eventually mitigate thermo-acoustic instabilities arising while converting this technology to H2 combustion.



Dr Laurent Gicquel   lgicquel@cerfacs.fr

Dr Davide Laera  laera@cerfacs.fr