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Large eddy simulation of wind turbine flows 

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Required Education : Master / ingénieur
Start date : 15 February 2024
Mission duration : 6 mois

Context/ Purpose and progress of the course

CERFACS is involved the modeling and understanding of wind turbine, to develop accurate reduced-order wake models. These models allow the prediction of the annual energy production for a wind farm. Different configurations of wind turbines have been investigated at CERFACS, with a so-called “wall-modelled” approach, which consist in accounting for the actual blade geometry in the simulation. These approaches allow a precise description of turbulence, but also prove to be too expensive in terms of computational cost.

Also, the objective of this internship is to implement a so-called actuator line method, allowing to model the blades by source terms in the conservation equations. This approach will allow to refrain from taking into account the blade geometry, in particular the boundary layers, which induce heavy meshes and computational costs.

Finally, if time remains, blade deformation will be considered, by taking into account the first natural deformation modes of the blades in the actuator line method.


Nicolas Odier (odier@cerfacs.fr)

Laurent gicquel (lgicquel@cerfacs.fr)

Florent Duchaine (florent.duchaine@cerfacs.fr)