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CIFRE SAFRAN – Investigations the losses in a high-speed low pressure turbine cascade with Large-Eddy Simulations

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Required Education : Master ou école d'ingénieur
Start date : 1 October 2024
Mission duration : 3 years

Large-Eddy simulation of the high-speed low pressure turbine SPLEEN cascade with purge flow.

In aeronautical gas turbines, air from the compressor is injected into cavities at the hub of axial turbines to prevent the ingestion of hot gases into the interstage spaces and thus guarantee their integrity against thermal damage. This so-called purge injection induces interactions with flows in the main vein, resulting in additional losses in the turbine.

As part of the European SPLEEN project, the von Karman Institute and Safran carried out experimental measurement campaigns to characterize flows in a low-pressure, high-speed turbine cascade representative of new engine architectures. Two actions at CERFACS have enabled the first simulations of this database to be set up:

  • The large-eddy simulation of a slice representative of the flow at mid-blade height, taking into account the interaction between a rotating bar and the blade, to reproduce rotor/stator interactions (publication Boudin et al. ETC 2023),

In these two computational campaigns, large-eddy simulation enabled us to faithfully reproduce the flows measured by the VKI and to investigate the associated flows and losses in greater depth.

The aim of this Phd is to continue investigating this topic using high-fidelity numerical computation (large-eddy simulation). To this end, the intern will learn large-eddy simulation (LES) with CERFACS researchers, using the AVBP solver. He will then carry out numerical simulations on the cascade configuration of stators with a purge flow set up during D. Perkins’ internship, with the objective of adding the rotating bars. Detailed flow analyses will be carried out to improve understanding of induced flows and associated losses, based on the thesis work carried out by M. Fiore and M. Harnieh.

Skills and abilities required

  • Computational fluid mechanics
  • Aerodynamics
  • Turbomachinery
  • Compressible flow
  • Ability to inovate
  • Thoroughness
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team

Send CV, motivation letter and recommendation letters to florent.duchaine@cerfacs.fr