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Liquid injection for rocket engines

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Required Education : BAC+5
Start date : 1 February 2024
Mission duration : 6 mois

CERFACS, in collaboration with the EM2C laboratory, is developing numerical methods allowing Large Eddy Simulations (LES) of liquid injection for sub/trans/supercritical space engines, with the AVBP numerical solver.

A methodology allowing the transition from an Eulerian to a Lagrangian description has also been developed for the prediction of the final spray in subcritical cases.

The objective of the internship is to investigate the impact of chemistry on the combustion results, as well as to deeply investigate the impact of the Eulerian-lagrangian transition algorithm. To do so, simplified configurations of mixing layers and 2D jets will be considered.

The candidate must have a strong taste for physics, a good knowledge of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and combustion.

Niveau : Master2 / ingineer

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