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Low-order modelling of thermo-acoustic instabilities of aircraft aero engines.

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Required Education : Master ou Ecole d'ingénieur
Start date : 3 February 2020
Mission duration : 5-6 months
Deadline for applications : 31 January 2020
Salary : 650 euros / mois


Modern gas turbine engines operate under very lean conditions to reduce pollutants and green gas emissions. A direct consequence is to make them more prone to thermo-acoustic instabilities where the turbulent flame of kerosene couples with the acoustic modes of the system. This mechanism can prevent the engine from operating properly or even destroy it but is not fully understood yet. To help manufacturers like Safran to build clean and stable engines, CERFACS develops a set of theoretical/numerical tools with the aim to predict and control these instabilities at the design level.

Work program

This internship is part of a collaboration with Safran Aerospace Engine (SAE) and aims at participating to the development of a reduced-order model (ROM) able to produce the stability assessment of an actual engine in a few minutes only, compared to hours/days with the available tools. This ROM is based on the so-called state space methodology which was adapted recently at CERFACS to better represent the thermo-acoustics of actual aero-engines. The candidate will be in charge of testing the first version of this ROM already available at CERFACS as well as improving the way the unsteady flame is represented. This will allow him/her to learn thermo-acoustics as well as the analytical/numerical strategies necessary to deal properly with this complex phenomenon.

A PhD position (CIFRE funding from SAE) will be offered to the candidate should he/she shows good motivation and skills.


Franck NICOUD – franck.nicoud@umontpellier.fr

Laurent GICQUEL – lgicquel@cerfacs.fr