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Permanent research position (CDI) in the field of High Performance Computation (HPC) and Coupling for Computational Fluid Dynamics of reacting flows

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Required Education : PhD
Start date : 1 January 2020
Mission duration : undetermined (CDI)
Deadline for applications : 19 December 2019
Salary : Depending on previous career

CERFACS is the leader in the field of HPC simulations for combustion. It was the first to change the academic Large Eddy (LES) and Direct Numerical (DNS) Simulation codes used by laboratories into tools which are now used to design real combustion chambers in industry. Industry itself is trying to follow the same path today worldwide in all fields: gas turbines for aircraft and helicopters, rocket engines, piston engines, furnaces, heaters etc. The need for sophisticated simulation tools for the future combustion systems has never been so strong and CERFACS is leading this quest.

CERFACS opens a researcher position in the field of DNS and LES for reacting flows on HPC systems. Moreover, this position will also encompass coupled applications where combustion is coupled to another physical phenomenon such as heat transfer, vibration, acoustics, pollutant emission. This permanent position will be open in the CERFACS CFD team, with 15 other permanent researchers and more than 50 Ph students and post doc.


Required expertise:
Reacting flows can not be computed accurately without using HPC. In the last twenty years, most leading HPC projects in the world have studied turbulent reacting flows. The position open at CERFACS requires a strong expertise in CFD but also in HPC techniques. The candidate is expected to modify the CERFACS codes on his own, to introduce new physical models but also to work on the numerical methods and on their implementation on HPC machines.

Examples of tasks are listed below:
–       New models for flame turbulence interaction in non conventional regimes
–       Advanced models for chemistry description
–       Coupling algorithms between combustion solvers and other physics
–       Computations of ‘extreme' combustion cases using HPC systems

The researcher will develop research on his own, supervise master and PhD students, write proposals (national and European), follow contracts. He will be expected to write research papers. He will also have to prepare an HDR (habilitation à diriger des recherches).

Work conditions:

CERFACS offers ‘french style’ CDI work contracts: after a test period of a few months, researchers are expected to spend a long period of time with us. CERFACS provides excellent health care insurance, unemployment insurance. CERFACS employees work on the 35 hours french rule which means that they have approximately 9 weeks of vacation per year. Researchers are encouraged to travel, go to conferences, teach outside CERFACS as well as within CERFACS (see formation CERFACS program)

Candidates are invited to send resumes as well as a full list of publications (in refereed journals). Possible references should also be indicated.


Contact: Dr B. Cuenot (cuenot@cerfacs.fr), Dr T. Poinsot (poinsot@cerfacs.fr)