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Simulation of hydrogen safety scenarios in future aircraft configurations (AIRBUS/CERFACS)

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Required Education : Master or engineering schools
Start date : 4 October 2021
Mission duration : 36 months
Deadline for applications : 20 September 2021
Salary : 1700 Euros net/month

The introduction of hydrogen in the aircraft of the future raises various issues linked to safety which must be handled by aircraft manufacturers. Most of them are linked to the mitigation of any risk linked to a release of hydrogen. Such a release may be due to an accident (a leak) or to the need to vent some of the hydrogen to limit the pressure rise in a cryogenic tank losing thermal isolation. Multiple scenarios are of interest: a leak of hydrogen inside an engine leading to small localized flames, a leak of hydrogen inside and engine followed by an accumulation of hydrogen and fast flames following accidental ignition, a leak of hydrogen outside the engine creating a plume which may ignite or not. All these scenarios will be studied at CERFACS in three PhD starting at the end of 2021.


For this purely numerical work, PhD students will use AVBP, the combustion code of CERFACS. Applicants are expected to have experience in combustion and in CFD as well as a clear interest in the development of hydrogen concepts. The PhD s will take place in collaboration with AIRBUS Toulouse.