2 spoc

This directory contains the sources used in the Short Online Private Course (SPOC) on “Code Coupling with OASIS3-MCT” developed in the framework of the ESiWACE Centre of Excellence. This SPOC is composed of videos, quizzes and hands-on. The goal is to instrument two toy models to set-up a real coupled model exchanging coupling fields (directory /spoc_communication) and to learn more about OASIS3-MCT regridding functionality (directory /spoc_regridding). If you are interested in attending the SPOC, please visit the online training section of CERFACS web site at https://cerfacs.fr/online-training/.

Videos and quizzes extracted from the SPOC are also available as Open Education Resources (OER) material at https://www.oercommons.org/courseware/lesson/85340 .