3. OpenTEA installation instructions

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Welcome to the OpenTEA GUI Engine! This is a simple guide for installation. For more, see the documentation online.

3.1. Before you start

There are a couple of dependancies with OpenTEA 3.X, namely:

  • python 3.6+ but not 3.X
  • numpy v1.10 or higher
  • scipy v0.15 or higher
  • h5py v2.6 or higher

OpenTEA is tasked with executing locally and on distant servers many shell commands. This process is guaranteed only for the bash shell in OpenTEA to date.

The installation is described for an installation with everything in your home directory ~/. Please adapt according to your needs and permissions.

3.2. OpenTEA command-line tools

Some tools a provided by OpenTEA through command line

  • opentea_test_schema file.yaml is testing the consistency of a SCHEMA structure stored in YAML (.yml, .yaml) or JSON (.json) with respect to the requirements of opentea services.

3.3. Feedback

Please direct all feedback to the CERFACS team in charge of OpenTEA.