Instition Country Component Platform
Academia Sinica Taiwan Atmosphere: Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Model Ocean: Hybrid Coordinate Ocean Model (HYCOM) Platform: Linux Compilers: pgf90, gfortran
Bedford Institute of Oceanography canada WRF and NEMO intel and openmpi on linux
Centre for Climate Research Singapore Singapore NEMO & Unified Model Cray XC40
Cerfacs France ARPEGE 6.3.1.sza.shuffle NEMO V3.6_stable including GELATO V 6 CTRIP (Decharme et al., 2019). Beaufix, /home/gmgec/mrgo/alias/public/bin/impi-
CICESE Mexico CROCO and WaveWatch3 platform : cluster of the investigation center compiler: ifort
CMCC (Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change) Italy Regional atmospheric climate model COSMO-CLM v. 4.21 and Nemo ocean model v. 3.4. IBM Scalar/Parallel Supercomputer, equipped with about 8000 Intel Xeon Sandy Bridge cores and with a theoretical peak performance of 160 TFlops. Operating System: Linux CentOS 6 x86_64. Batch System: LSF v. 8.0. Compilers: Intel(R) Fortran Intel(R) 64 Com
CNRS/IPSL France LMDZ-ORCHIDEE-INCA-REPROBUS NEMO-eORCA1_LIM3_PISCES TGCC Irene, fortran/intel/ (TGCC Curie has been stopped in october 2018) IDRIS Ada, intel/2016.2
CNRS/LEGOS France NEMO & WRF Irene (CEA), fortran/intel/
CNRS/LMD-IPSL FRANCE LMDZ, NEMO TGCC and Idris with ifort compilers
CNRS/LOCEAN-IPSL France NEMO-WRF, NEMO-ECHAM6, CROCO-WRF Irene (TGCC) with intel compiler
CRIANN FRANCE MARS3D et WW3 ( CRIANN's Myria's cluster ( on distributed (Broadwell) architecture and a SMP server.
Danish Meteorological Institute Denmark the earth system model EC-Earth3
Deutscher Wetterdienst Germany NEMO and COSMO-CLM Cray Supercomputer, Intel compiler
DLR Germany EMAC, FESOM2 gfortran, intel,
ENSTA-ParisTech France NEMO - WRF - WORCHIDEE IDRIS and TGCC French supercomputers
ETH Zurich Switzerland COSMO and CESM/CLM CSCS Piz Daint which is a hybrid CPU/GPU Cray XC50 system. compilers: mainly PGI so far but plans to use intel and cray.
GEOMAR Germany FOCI-OpenIFS : OpenIFS cy40r1 NEMO v3.6 + AGRIF + LIM2 XIOS 2.0 HLRN-IV, G�ttingen, Germany & Mistral/DKRZ, Hamburg, Germany. Intel compilers + Intel MPI. No hyperthreading.
GEOMAR Germany ECHAM5-NEMO2 / ECHAM6-NEMO3.6 SX-ACE SX compiler / HLRN-IV, G�ttingen, Germany & Mistral/DKRZ, Hamburg, Germany. Intel compilers + Intel MPI. No hyperthreading.
Goethe University Frankfurt Germany COSMO-NEMO MED12-TRIP Linux 7.6
Goethe University Frankfurt/Main Germany COSMO-CLM, NEMO, TRIP Linux cluster with intel compilers
Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht Germany Regional atmospheric model: COSMO-CLM v5.0 Regional ocean model: NEMO v3.6 (+LIM3 sea ice) Hydrological discharge model: HD v1.10 Platform: Bullx MPI_mlx- Compiler: Intel
IAP RAS Russia WRF + WATCH3 CentOS/Ubuntu + Intel compilers + Intel MPI
IBG-3 Agrosphere, Juelich Research Center, Juelich Germany We are coupling different landsurface-atmosphere models along with data assimilation frameworks using oasis3-mct. The used models are: 1) surface and subsurface model - Parflow 2) Land model - CLM (community land model) 3) Atmosphere model - COSMO (consor JURECA (FZ-Juelich) - high scale machine - GNU/Intel, ParastationMPI JUWELS (FZ-Juelich) - high scale machine - GNU/Intel, ParastationMPI AGROCLUSTER #IBG3 (FZ-Juelich) - general purpose Linux Cluster - GNU, Openmpi GENERIC_X86 #Generic Linux x86 machine
IFREMER france NEMO and WW3 Datarmor cluster at ifremer with Intels compilers
IFREMER France ocean (MARS3D) atmosphere (MesoNH) waves (WW3) datarmor (Ifremer facilities) intel
IFREMER France CROCO, NEMO, WW3, WRF Datarmor with intel or mpt compilers, ADA (IDRIS) with intel compilers
IMDC Belgium SWAN wave model ( - COHERENS coastal ocean model (
Institute for Geosciences, University of Bonn Germany COSMO/MESSy and CLM (Community land model) linux cluster (DKRZ, Hamburg, Germany)
Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences Russia WAVEWATCH III WRF Linux, ifort
IRD France Nemo oceanic model WRF regional atmospheric model Curie supercomputer @GENCI
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Germany COSMO-CLM (RCM) and VEG3D (LSM)
King Abdulaziz University (KAU), Center of Excellence in Climate Change Research (CECCR) Ireland/Saudi Arabia Saudi-KAU global atmospheric model (either spectral or finite volume atmospheric cores), and NEMO 3.6 or MOM 5.5 ocean models. The Aziz supercomputer at KAU (Fujitsu linux cluster, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.4 (Santiago). Compilers are Intel (primarily), but also GNU, and PGI.
Kongju National University South Korea atmospheric model - Global/Regional Integrated Model system (GRIMs, Hong et al. 2013) oceanic model - MOM5 dell linux system - intel fortran compiler 13 Cray XC40 (KMA) - intel fortran compiler
Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology South Korea WRF, MOM Linux (CentOS)
KU Leuven Belgium regional atmospheric model cosmo-clm community land model ocean model nemo KU Leuven Tier-2 hpc Genius Intel 2018b compilers
Laboratoire de l'Atmosphere et des Cyclones France MesoNH/Arome and Nemo MesoNH, Croco and WW3 Bull X intel16 and intelmpi5
LACy La Reunion, FRANCE Meso-NH/SurfEx WW3 CROCO beaufix
Lund University Sweden LPJ-GUESS ( is coupled to IFS ( and TM5 ( in EC-Earth ( NSC: (both Bi and Tetralith) & ECMWF
Max Planck Institute for Meteorology Germany MPI-ESM1.2 Atmosphere: ECHAM6.3 Ocean:MPIOM1.6 DKRZ HLRE-III, Bull-ATOS
Max-Planck-Institut f�r Meteorology Germany ECHAM6 and MPIOM
MET Norway Norway Harmonie, CICE, WW3, ROMS cca (ECMWF), Nebula (MetCoOp)
M�t�o France France SURFEX-CTRIP SURFEX: Land Surface Model from M�t�o France CTRIP: river routing model
M�t�o France France Hycom2D and WW3 (sea level and waves) Bull
M�t�o France - CNRM France ARPEGE-Climat NEMO CTRIP intel on Meteo-France Bull machine gfortran on linux
M�t�o France - CNRM CNRS UMR3589 France AROME (cy41t1 with SURFEX v7.3), NEMO (v3.6), WaveWatchIII (v5.16) machine: bull beaufix at M�t�o-France compilers: /home/mf/dp/marp/martinezs/mkpack/support/wrapper/impi- et /home/mf/dp/marp/martinezs/mkpack/support/wrapper/impi- netcdf librarie: /opt/softs/libraries/ICC13
METU Institute of Marine Sciences Turkey NEMO, ROMS, BFM, WRF (planned) Linux and MacOS X
Michigan Tech USA FVCOM (Finite Volume Community Ocean Model) WRF (Weather Research and Forecasting) Linux x86_64 intel fortran
Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Centre NORWAY HYCOM (ocean model) and NeXtSIM (Sea-ice model) - this is under development, so it is not yet working as a coupled model. Linux cluster (more in formation here: We use Intel compilers with MPI (mpiifort and mpiicc).
Nansen Environmental Remote Sensing Center Norway NEMO and neXtSIM (sea ice model developed at the Nansen Center)
National Meteorological Office Algeria SURFEX with ALADIN-Climat HPC-IBM
National Oceanography Centre United Kingdom WAVEWATCH - NEMO, including CICE NOC HPC system
National University of Colombia Colombia WRF-ROMS Ubuntu
New York University - Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates WRF, ROMS, CICE GCC 4.9.3 OpenMPI 1.10.2 Linux CentOS 7.2 Nodes: 2x14 cores Intel Broadwell 2.4GHz 128GB + Lustre + EDR Infiniband
NIB Slovenia POM / ALADIN / WAM SLES Linux Cluster + ifort
NIMR/KMA South Korea Atmosphere: Unified model from UK MetOffice Ocean: MOM4.1 from GFDL Sea-ice: CICE 5.2.1 from Los Alamos Lab. Cray XC40 with Cray compilers
NIWA New Zealand The family of models developed by the Unified Model consortium led by the UK Met Office. - ocean -> NEMO - sea ice -> CICE - atmosphere -> Unified Model - ocean biogeochemistry - MEDUSA Cray XC50 (M?ui). Please see this link for further information...
NUIST Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology China ECHAM NEMO CICE INTEL COMPULER
Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso (PUCV) Chile WRF-ROMS-PISCES mpif90 Irene (TGCC du CEA)
Research Centre Juelich Germany atmospheric models: ICON, COSMO land-surface model: Community Land Model (CLM) subsurface model: ParFlow x86_64, Intel and Gcc
Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) Netherlands IFS - NEMO - TM5 - LPJ-GUESS ECMWF CCA/CCB, Intel/Cray compilers
School of Atmospheric Sciences, Nanjing University China WRF4.1 for Atmosphere model, Licom-np for regional ocean model Linux HPC with Interl Compilers
SHOM France HYCOM 2D and 3D (downscaling), HYCOM / WW3 coupling Meteo-France platform Bull, Aquarium (SHOM) platform, Cluster Dell PowerEdge (Proc. SandyBridge 16 coeurs)
SMHI Sweden EC-Earth3: IFS, NEMO3.6, TM5, LPJ-G, auxiliary components (runoff-mapper, amip-reader) EC-Earth4: OpenIFS, NEMO4.0, TM5, LPJ-G, auxiliary components (runoff-mapper, amip-reader) Various platforms throughout the EC-Earth consortium. Many Linux-based clusters.
Thai Meteorological Department Thailand Global WRF Linux CentOS 7, Intel compiler 2018
UK Met Office United Kingdom UM (Unified Model - atmosphere) vn11.1 NEMO (ocean) vn3.6 and vn4.0 WAVEWATCHIII (waves) vn4.18 Cray XC40 platform. Cray and Intel fortran and C compilers.
UK Met Office UK UM atmosphere with JULES land surface, NEMO ocean with MEDUSA ocean biogeochemistry, CICE seaice. Also higher resolution UM atmos with JULES land surface coupled to lower resolution UM atmos including full chemistry. XIOS is also incidentally present as a Cray XC40. Cray compiler (typically cce/8.3.4 and later).
UK Met Office United Kingdom UM vn11.3 NEMO3.6/4.0 Cray XC40
ULi�ge Belgium MAR and NEMO-LIM
Universidad Nacional Clombia WRF and CROCO (ROMS) Ubuntu, Gfortran
Universit� de Caen Normandie France WAVEWATCH-III MARS 3D J'utilise OASIS sur le calculateur myria du CRIANN (plus de d�tails sur le calculateur et son environnement de travail ci-apr�s : J'utilise le compilateur fortran intel (version 2017).
University of Alcala Spain ocean FESOM atmosphere REMO ifort
University of Athens Greece RAMS atmospheric model WAM (Cycle 33r1) wave model linux, intel compilers (2009,2013,2015,2016), netcdf 4.1
University of California, Santa Barbara United States ROMS and WW3 Linux, Intel
University of Concepcion Chile We are ready to use it with WRF, CROCO. WW3 in the future. Ubuntu-Linux machines, using gfortran
Uppsala University Sweden WRF, NEMO, and WAVEWATCH-III INTEL
Yunnan University China ECHAM6 and Nemo3.6 Linux