Research activites in 2018

Deep learning for turbulent combustion modeling

Combustion model

Work performed by C. Lapeyre, N. Cazard and A. Misdariis. This work has led to a submission to Combustion and Flame. See also this internship report.

Forest fire flame front detection

Forest fires

Work performed by N. Cazard, under supervision of R. Paugam and C. Lapeyre. For more details, see the internship report.

Impact detection on Mars

Impacts on Mars

Work performed by M. Ronzie, under supervision of C. Lapeyre and I. D'ast, in collaboration with CNES. For more details, see the internship report.

Reservoir modeling using GANs


This work was performed by C. Besombes, under supervision of C. Lapeyre, and supported by Total. It is confidential. For more details, please contact the authors.

Turbulent flow field compression

Turbulence compression

This work is underway. More details will be available in the internship report of V. Xing. It is supervised by C. Lapeyre, A. Misdariis and G. Daviller.