2 OASIS3-MCT sources

OASIS3-MCT sources are available from CERFACS git server. To obtain more detail on downloading the sources, please fill in the registration form at https://oasis.cerfacs.fr/en/downloads/ .

OASIS3-MCT directory structure is the following one:

 - oasis3-mct/lib/cbindings        C language bindings source code
                 /mct              Model Coupling Toolkit Coupling Software
                 /psmile           OASIS3-MCT coupling library
                 /scrip            SCRIP interpolation library               

 - oasis3-mct/doc                  OASIS3-MCT User Guide

 - oasis3-mct/util/make_dir        Utilities to compile OASIS3-MCT
                  /load_balancing  Tool for load balancing analysis
 - oasis3-mct/pyoasis	             Python wrapper source code

 - oasis3-mct/examples             Environment to compile, run and use
                                   different toy coupled models.