3 The configuration file namcouple

The OASIS3-MCT configuration file namcouple contains, below pre-defined keywords, all user-defined information necessary to configure a particular coupled run.

The namcouple is a text file with the following characteristics:

The first part of namcouple is devoted to configuration of general parameters such as the total run time or the desired debug level. The second part gathers specific information on each coupling (or I/O) field, e.g. their coupling period, the list of transformations or remapping to be performed by OASIS3-MCT and associated configuring lines (described in more details in chapter 4).

In OASIS3-MCT, several namcouple inputs have been deprecated but, for backwards compatibility, they are still allowed. These inputs will be noted in the following text using the notation “UNUSED” and not fully described. Information below these keywords is obsolete; they will not be read and will not be used.

In the next sections, a namcouple example is given and all configuring parameters are described. Additional lines containing different parameters for each transformation are described in section 4. A realistic namcouple can be found in oasis3-mct/examples/tutorial/data_oasis3/ directory.