1 Second section of namcouple for EXPORTED and EXPOUT fields

The first 3 lines for fields with status EXPORTED and EXPOUT are as follows:

   SOSSTSST SISUTESU 1 86400  5  sstoc.nc  EXPOUT
   182  149    128  64  toce  atmo   LAG=+14400 SEQ=+1
   P 2 P 0
where the different entries are:

Support to couple multiple fields via a single communication

With OASIS3-MCT, it is possible to couple mutiple fields via a single communication. To activate this option, the user must list the related fields on a single entry line (with a maximum of 5000 characters on one line) through a colon delimited list in the namcouple, for example:


All fields will then use the same namcouple settings (source and target grids, transformations, etc.) for that entry. In the component model codes, these fields are still apparently sent or received one at a time through individual oasis_put and oasis_get. Inside OASIS3-MCT, the fields are stored and a single mapping and send or receive instruction is executed for all fields. This is useful in cases where multiple fields have the same coupling transformations and to reduce communication costs by aggregating multiple fields into a single communication.

This option does not put any constraint on the order of the related oasis_put and oasis_get in the codes.

As they appear in one single entry line, these fields must share the same coupling restart file but this restart file may contain other fields.


... (optional)8
For 1D field, put 1 as the second dimension