Angular discretization

In the DOM, the calculation of a radiative source term at a given point is based on the discretization of the Radiative Transfer Equation (Eq.[*]) according to a chosen number $ N_{dir}$ of discrete directions $ \textbf{s}_i (\mu_i, \eta_i, \xi_i)$ , associated to the corresponding weights $ w_i$ , contained in the solid angle $ 4\pi$ , and where ( $ \mu_i, \eta_i, \xi_i$ ) are directional cosines. Different angular discretizations may be used. In a recent study, Koch and Becker [#!Koc03!#] compare the efficiency of several types of angular quadratures. They recommend the $ LC_{11}$ quadrature for its better accuracy. However calculations performed with the $ S_4$ quadrature satisfy a good compromise between accuracy and rapidity as shown in [#!Stanford!#], and may also be used.

Damien Poitou 2010-06-10