Downloading source files - GIT version (NEW!!! since June 2012):

setenv GITROOT /home/cfd1/prissma/git

Downloading source files - SVN version (OLD!!!):

In order to download the source files, you must install SVN in your system. Then log on to your local machine and type (password required):

svn checkout INSTALL_DIR

From CERFACS use svn through ssh with:

svn checkout svn+ssh://login@nuage/home/cfd1/prissma/svn/PRISSMA/version INSTALL_DIR

Change version for one of the following values in order to download the desired version:

  • tags/PRISSMA_V2.0 : Official release of the code
  • branches/TEST_CASES : Test cases (current version)

Previous versions:

  • tags/PRISSMA_V1.2
  • tags/PRISSMA_V1.0
  • tags/PRISSMA_V0.3.2
  • branches/BETA_V0.2.1 : "beta" version of the sequential code
  • branches/BETA_V0.3.1 : "beta" version of the parallel code
  • branches/TEST_CASES_V1.2 : Test cases for version 1.2
  • branches/TEST_CASES_V1.0 : Test cases for version 1.0

For developers only :

  • trunk : "Under developpment" version of the code
  • branches/WEB : Website sources for developers

Seting up the environment variables: 2 methods

  1. Three environment variables must be set up, it can be donne by typing the next commands or by entering them onto the shell configuration file (.bashrc, .cshrc, ..., remember that the commands can change from one shell to the other) :

    setenv DOMHOME instalation_directory

    setenv DOM_VERSION current_version

    setenv DOM_HOSTTYPE yourmachine_type

    Please note that you hace to replace the italic words with the correct value (for example: current_version --> V2.1_BETA).

  2. For systems where the C shell is used, you can set the environment variables by copying the PRISSMA/HOSTS/domrc.cshrc file into the home directory with the name .domrc, then, you must add to the .cshrc file the next call: source ~/.domrc

Compiling the different elements:

  1. Compiling the code:

    Go to $DOMHOME/SOURCES/ and type make. As for the sequential solver, the code will be then saved in $DOMHOME/HOSTS/$DOM_HOSTTYPE/.

  2. Compiling the TOOLS:

    The tools are located in $DOMHOME/TOOLS/. A makefile is provided for each one of the tools, but not all have to be compiled before using it. Execute the compile_all script located in the TOOLS directory to compile the necesary tools.