Open Positions

You always can visit the CERFACS open positions catalog. Our current open positions are:

  • Post doc on CFD and Neural networks : original offer

  • Several position as a scientific software developer are open at COOP this Fall starting October 15th. The official offer is on the official Cerfacs open-positions list. This essentially based on Python but hands on C/C++ and Fortran are welcome too. If you want to hone your skills and explore with us how to make sustainable code in a sustainable way, and contribute to small fun pet projects, contact us!

Application process

Contact us

Send first a mail including:

  • A Curriculum vitae
  • A cover letter
  • Two or three references

For the cover letter, if possible; state what you want to do in your life, and how this position is participating to your project.

First feedback

If the position is closed at the reception, we will tell you, and forward your application to other teams at cerfacs.

Once we confirm you that the position is still open :

Send a second mail with your solution to the test in attachment.


Depending on the feedback, we will schedule an interview (min 30min, max 1hour) The content of the interview is the following:

  • You present your personal project.
  • You ask questions on the position, the team, the lab…
  • We ask you questions if needed.
  • We talk together about your test solution (Code review).
Feel free to contact us

If you have questions, or spot a missing information, do tell us. We need to improve continuously.