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Past examinations of the master courses given at ENSEEIHT Toulouse.

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Master 2006 - Wording and answers 

Master 20011 - Wording ans answers 


Conservation equations:

  • Mass fractions, molar fractions, equation of state, energies, enthalpies.
  • Equations for species, diffusion speeds, Fick's law, Hirschfelder approximation.
  • Several definitions for heat release, equations for energy and enthalpy, kinetics, heat of reaction of a single reaction.

1D laminar flames:

  • Equations in the reference frame of the flame.
  • Definitions of flame speed, link between flame speed and total fuel consumption in the domain, adiabtic flame temperature.
  • Equation for reduced temperature assuming Le=1, stiffness of reaction rate depending on reduced temperature.
  • Heat of reaction, propagation speed, flame thickness, link between flame speed and flame thickness.
  • Displacement speed of spherical flames.

Diffusion flames:

  • Passive scalars, mixture fraction, pure mixing line.
  • Flame structure assuming infinitely fast chemistry, stoechiometric mixture fraction (Zst), maximum flame temperatures in diffusion and premixed flames, "Mixed is burned" approximation.
  • Full solutions for unsteady unstrained and steady strained diffusion flames.

Turbulent premixed flames:

  • Favre averaging, limits of filtered quantity computations, probability density function (pdf) methods, turbulent diffusion, EBU model.

Turbulent diffusion flames:

  • Favre averaging, limits of filtered quantity computations, pdf methods assuming infinitely fast chemistry.
  • Approximation using beta pdfs functions.
  • Accounting for chemistry considering stretching.


Published on  September 29th, 2020

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