2 OASIS3-MCT Fortran API

To interact with the rest of the coupled system, few calls of the OASIS3-MCT library routines, which sources can be found in oasis3-mct/lib/psmile directory, have to be implemented in component Fortran codes. They belong to the following classes:

  1. Module to use (section 2.2.1)
  2. Initialisation (section 2.2.2)
  3. Partition definition (section 2.2.3)
  4. Grid data file definition (section 2.2.4)
  5. Coupling-I/O field declaration (section 2.2.5)
  6. End of definition phase (section 2.2.6)
  7. Coupling-I/O field sending and receiving (section 2.2.7)
  8. Termination (section 2.2.8)
  9. Optional auxiliary routines (section 2.2.9)