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  • open_source : pypi, gitlab.com, readthedocs.
  • tool : Miscellaneous recurent tools near CFD codes .
  • interpolation : Radial Based Function Interpolation between points clouds using scipy Kdtree.
  • Python Package : available on pypi.

Arnica - All Recurrent No-brainers In Cerfacs Applications


ARNICA stands for “All Recurrent No-brainers In Cerfacs Applications”. We keep there all the simple little things we regularly need.

For example a cartesian-to-cylindrical conversion around x-axis, with a specific convention :

def rtheta2yz(rrr, theta):
    """ return yz from rtheta ,
    theta in radians measure of angle in the yz plane,
    - range -pi/pi
    - 0 on the y+ axis (z=0, y>0)
    spanning -pi to pi

    -0.5pi=-90deg     o------>Z   0.5pi=90deg

    yyy = rrr * np.cos(theta)
    zzz = rrr * np.sin(theta)
    return yyy, zzz

We also could rewrite these few lines of code. Having these bits in a single repository adds the following values :

  • Unitary testing.
  • linting.
  • Automatic documentation.
  • Can be used by others in Cerfacs.


  • AVBP_plot_mesh_density - View the mesh using the density of points.

  • Showy - A helper for matplotlib subplots.

  • nparray2xmf - Create an eXtensible Data Model and Format (XDMF or XMF) file from a mesh and Arrays.

  • yk_from_phi - Compute Mass fractions from Phi ( FAR/(FAR)st ) and Mixture species.

It is available on pipy, documentation is on readtthedocs, sources are mirrored on gitlab.com

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Antoine Dauptain is a research scientist focused on computer science and engineering topics for HPC.

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