the nobvisual package is made to help the understanding of deeply nested structure. Here is a short version of the documentation


Visualization of nested objects. The main output is a circular packing in Tkinter with an “hover interaction”. By hovering over the circles, the user can peek at the content.


Example of nobvisual on a folder structure. Three subfolders show a similar content. Yellow circles are binary files, blue are ASCII files.

This last example is for a nested object build on a folder structure, but nob visual output can be run on various nested objects, particularly or JSON or YAML contents.

See the full online documentation on ReadTheDocs.


Installation using Pypi:

> pip install nobvisual

Use the CLI for a basic terminal usage.

 ---------------    NOB VISUAL  --------------------

  You are now using the Command line interface of Nob Visual a Python3
  helper to explore Nested Objects, created at CERFACS (

  This package is mean to be used as a dependency of other packages, to
  provide a tkinker canvas rendering the nested structure of nesteds

  This is a python package currently installed in your python environement.

  --help  Show this message and exit.

  cmpfile   Compare the content of two serialization files.
  tree      Show current wkdir visually.
  treefile  Show the content of a serialization file.


Folder visualization

The command >nobvisual tree is equivalent to the tree command, but visually. It gives the following output:


The size of each circle at the same level is proportional to the log10 size of each objects. The CLI trigger the function nobvisual.visual_tree(wkdir).

Serialization file visualization

The command >nobvisual treefile shows the content of a serialization file. Supported formats are : - YAML - JSON

It gives the following output: example

Colors are illustrating the type of record found at the end of each branch. The size of each node is proportional to the number records depending of the nodes. The command calls the function nobvisual.visual_treefile(path).

Serialization file comparison

The command >nobvisual cmpfile compares the content of two serialization file. Supported formats are the same as before

It gives the following output: example

Colors help to understand what is only in the left file, only on the *right$ file, or differ between the two. The command calls the function nobvisual.visual_comparefile(path_left, path_right).

If you use a custom file format for your data, and you can express it in a nested object, maybe you will be interested in the next function nobvisual.nob_compare_tkinter(noba, nobb, title=None).


Nobvisual is a service created in the EXCELLERAT Center Of Excellence, funded by the European community. logo

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