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  1. Margot BADOR – Les changements d'extrêmes de température en Europe: records, canicules intenses et influence anthropique. Soutenue le 21 janvier 2016. Résumé / Abstractvideo
  2. Johan HABERT – Prévision temps réel des crues du bassin de la Marne : Assimilation de données in-situ pour la correction du modèle hydraulique MASCARET. Soutenue le 6 janvier 2016. Résumé / Abstract
  3. Gildas DAYON – Evolution du cycle hydrologique sur la France au cours des prochaines décennies. Soutenue le 20 novembre 2015. Résumé / Abstract
  4. Mélanie ROCHOUX – Vers une meilleure prévision de la propagation d’incendies de forêt, évaluation de modèles et assimilation de données. Soutenue le 21 janvier 2014. video


67 climate modelling groups use OASIS3-MCT to assemble more than 80 coupled applications

superadmin |  10 September 2019

OASIS3-MCT is a coupler of codes developed at Cerfacs and used around the world, mainly for climate modelling applications. Our last survey confirms that OASIS3-MCT is used by 67 modelling groups to assemble more than 80 different coupled applications over the 5 continents. These applications include global or regional configurations of ocean and atmosphere models but also sea ice, sea level, wave, ocean biogeochemistry, land, vegetation, river routing, hydrological and atmospheric chemistry models. OASIS3-MCT is used in 5 of the 7 European Earth System Models participating to the 6th Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP6) that produces the climate simulations forming the basis of the next report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)”Read more

Sparse Days Meeting 2019 at Cerfacs, Toulouse

Brigitte Yzel |  12 May 2019

The annual Sparse Days meeting will be held at CERFACS in Toulouse on 11th and 12th July 2019. Registration for the Sparse Days is free but we ask people who are coming to register as soon as possible although the deadline is June 14th. Please complete the registration form (deadline : June 14th) indicating whether you want to give a talk and whether you wish to attend the conference dinner. Although an emphasis will be on parallel aspects, any talk that has an association with sparsity is welcome.Read more