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  Lundi 25 mars 2024Du 14h00 Ă  18h00

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Lundi 25 Mars 2024

14h, Salle JCA, Cerfacs

 » Impact of Climate Change on Clear-Air Turbulence for Aviation « 

YouTube link :https://youtube.com/live/yUup7dQbwKw?feature=share


Clear-Air Turbulence (CAT) is a phenomenon with important consequences for aviation safety and causes most weather-related aircraft incidents. This thesis investigates the impact of climate change on CAT, showing that its frequency and intensity will increase in future over several northern hemisphere regions, which could have a significant impact on aviation operations and safety, as well as on the design of future aircrafts.
This work also demonstrates that it is possible to optimize transatlantic flight routes for commercial aircraft to reduce fuel consumption and thus CO2 emissions, while avoiding CAT. Finally, this opens different possible future research in atmospheric turbulence, aviation, and climate change.

Gaëlle de CoëtlogonLATMOS-IPSL, Sorbonne UniversitéReferee
Fabio D'AndreaLMD, Ă‰cole Normale SupĂ©rieureReferee
Riwal PlougonvenLMD, Ă‰cole PolytechniqueReferee
Paul WilliamsUniversity of ReadingExaminer
Didier RicardCNRM, Météo-FranceExaminer
Pierre TuletLAERO, OMPExaminer
Emilia Sanchez-GomezCERFACSAdvisor
Thomas JaravelCERFACSCo-advisor
MĂ©lanie RochouxCERFACSInvited member
Marc WetterwaldAirbusInvited member