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PhD defense : Francis Shum-Kivan (CFD)

  Jeudi 15 juin 2017 à 14h00

  Thèses Cerfacs       le jeudi 15 juin 2017, à 14h, en salle de conférences du Cerfacs    



The combustion of hydrocarbons still represents a major part of the worldwide production of energy, especially in the aeronautical industry. Most industrial burners are fed with liquid fuel that is directly injected in the combustion chamber, generating a strong interaction between the spray, the turbulent flow and the flame. In order to provide a better understanding of turbulent spray flame complex structures, a numerical study has been performed on the two-phase flow burner KIAI which has been experimentally fully characterized. Numerical simulations consist of Large Eddy Simulation coupled to Discrete Particle Simulation for the dispersed phase (LES-DPS). A detailed analysis of the flame structure shows that non-premixed combustion plays an important role in this type of spray flame. This motivates, in a second step of the present work, the development of a new approach to model turbulent diffusion flames. The model is based on the response to the mesh, strain rate and wrinkling. The global flame heat release is analyzed through configurations of increasing complexity and the capacity of the model to describe it is evaluated.

Key words:

LES-DPS, spray flames, non-premixed combustion


Members of the Jury:

Denis VEYNANTE                     Research Director, CNRS-EM2C               Referee

Stéphane JAY                              Research Engineer, IFPEN                      Referee

Bruno RENOU                            Professor, CORIA                                      Member

Fabien HALTER                        Professor, ICARE,                                       Member

Bénédicte CUENOT                 Senior Researcher, CERFACS                     Advisor

Eléonore RIBER                        Senior Researcher, CERFACS                   Co-Advisor