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Wide Interest Seminar : Anne GAZAIX

  Mardi 19 décembre 2017 à 11h00

  Conférence Cerfacs       SALLE DE CONFÉRENCE JEAN-CLAUDE ANDRÉ    

Towards the Industrialization of New MDO Technologies and Tools for Aircraft Design

by Anne GAZAIX (IRT Saint-Exupéry)


Multidisciplinary Design Optimisation (MDO) is the application of numerical optimisation to the design of systems based on multiple disciplines. A major challenge remains to apply MDO techniques to industrial design processes based on high fidelity simulations, handling challenging configurations in terms of geometrical complexity and interacting components, and using many historically separated and sequentially optimized disciplines.

MDO activities started in early 2015 at IRT Saint Exupéry with the objective of taking a significant step towards the deployment of MDO methods in the industry. Taking advantage of a mixed industrial and academic organisation at a single location, IRT Saint Exupéry benefits directly both from MDO methodologies at the cutting edge of research and deep knowledge of industrial needs and constraints. This dual competence has enabled the development of innovative MDO formulations and software platforms, as well as their application to complex industrial test cases.