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Journée des doctorants – 18 Juin 2021

  1. WINGEL Christopher – Unsteady modelling and analysis of the aerodynamics and aerothermal of a cooled turbine stage – CFD – Vidéo
  2. DROZDA Luciano – Data-driven discretizations in fluid flow configurations ALGO-COOP – Vidéo
  3. WERNER Paul – Aerothermal LBM simulation of bore-cooling cavities of HP compressors – CFD – Vidéo
  4. GALLARDO Victoria – Evolution of high-temperature extreme events in the EuroMediterranean region and their impact on aircraft take-off performance – GLOBC
  5. ZAPATA José Félix – Surrogate models based on large eddy simulations for the multidisciplinary design of reusable liquid rocket engines CFD – Vidéo
  6. LINÉ Aurélien – Mechanisms, predictability and uncertainty of temperature and precipitation over Europe in the near-term (2020-2040) GLOBC
  7. LAMELOISE Etienne – Modeling of soot formation in gas turbines taking into account the morphology of aggregates CFD – Vidéo
  8. LUMET Eliott – Data assimilation of microscale air pollutant dispersion using mobile sensors GLOBC – Vidéo
  9. MARCHAL Thomas – Extension of the Spectral Difference method to combustion CFD – Vidéo
  10. NONY Bastien – Metamodelling for micro-scale atmospheric pollutant dispersion large-eddy simulation GLOBC – Vidéo
  11. NGUYEN Minh – High-Fidelity Aerothermal simulations using the Lattice Boltzmann method CFD – Vidéo
  12. VILLARD Jean – Simulation of the combustion of metal particles CFD – Vidéo
  13. PEATIER Saloua – Quantification of uncertainties associated with climate projections GLOBC
  14. NAESS Thomas – Prediction of the production of pollutants in aeronautical engines CFD – Vidéo
  15. GENTIL Yann – Modeling of combustion noise in turbines CFD – Vidéo
  16. ORDONEZ Ana – Scalable solvers for thermo-hydro-mechanical problems ALGO-COOP
  17. MOCQUARD Clément – Simulation of afterburner in fighter aircraft engine CFD – Vidéo
  18. HOK Jean-Jacques – Chemistry-turbulence interaction modeling for the large-eddy simulation of explosions CFD – Vidéo
  19. FOUDAD Mohamed – Impact of climate change on clear-air turbulence for aviation GLOBC – Vidéo
  20. GIOUD Thibault – Study of CH4-LOx combustion in subcritical, trans- and supercritical and super/subcritical transient conditions CFD – Vidéo
  21. DURANTON Thibault – Advanced LES modelisation of multi-perforated plates for new generation aeronautical engines CFD – Vidéo
  22. DEFONTAINE Théo – Flood predicting on the Garonne upstream of Toulouse by means of Machine Learning GLOBC – Vidéo
  23. GIANOLI Thomas – Development of a Lattice-Boltzmann method for turbomachinery SDuct simulations CFD – Vidéo






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