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Code coupling using OASIS

  From Monday 5 March 2018 to Tuesday 6 March 2018


Deadline for registration: 15 days before the starting date of each training

Number of participants : 4
Duration : 2 days / (14 hours)



The OASIS coupler, developed over the past 20 years at CERFACS, is a software allowing synchronized exchanges of coupling information between numerical codes representing different components of the climate system. The objectives of this course are to help the participants learn how to use OASIS and install it on their own computing platforms.

Target participants

This training session is for engineers, physicists, computer scientists and numerical analysts wishing to use this code coupling software in their own coupled model.


Significant experience with the Linux operating system and Fortran programming.

Scientific contacts


Eric Maisonnave


Trainees/PhDs/PostDocs : 120 €
CERFACS shareholders/INRIA : 360 €
CNRS : free
Public :720 €**
** The training will be half price (360 € € out of taxes instead of 720 € € out of taxes) for the first 4 European participants registered (which laboratory is a partner of European project ESiWACE) due to explicit financing by a European project.


(Every day from 9h to 17h30)
The session will start with a general presentation of OASIS and with a tutorial during which the participants will be guided step-­by-­step through the compilation and running (on CERFACS training room PCs) of a toy coupled model reproducing coupling exchanges between two pseudo models, testing different functionalities of the coupler. Then the participants will be introduced to a specific running environment developed to assess the quality of OASIS interpolations and will be invited to use it with their own model grids.