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Cerfacs Young PhD day


Cerfacs PhD students’day




The Cerfacs PhD students’ day is organized every year within the Cerfacs, by 2 volunteer PhD students, with the support of a permanent organizing committee.

It is a moment of exchange and dialogue between young researchers and senior researchers of the different Cerfacs teams as well as with the Cerfacs partners, around the most recent research works.

This day is mandatory for 1st and 2nd year PhD students and optional for 3rd year students. It is organized around 3-minute oral presentations in English and several poster sessions.

A special session is also organized, allowing 10 young researchers to present their research topic in a popularized way, in French, in “Ma thèse en 3 minutes”. For this purpose, the young researchers receive a specific training of 18 hours which teaches them to “pitch” and to stand out!

This day ends with the election of the best oral presentation of “Ma thèse en 3 minutes” and the best poster.




JDD 2022

Thursday 30 june 2022




‘Ma thèse en 3 minutes’


Best Poster JDD 2022

Thibault GIOUD

Supervisor: Nicolas ODIER

Injection Modelling in LOx/GCH4 Rocket Engines with a Diffuse Interface Method

Best Presentation “Ma thèse en 3 minutes” JDD 2022

Jérôme DABAS

Supervisor: Nicolas ODIER

Development of LES-based Engineering Models for the Design and Control of Floating Off-Shore Wind Turbine Fams





Promotion 2022




Previous JDD  & “Ma thèse en 3 minutes”





Safran R&T prize

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