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Online training sessions

The CERFACS face-to-face training program in Toulouse attracts each year hundreds of engineers and researchers, showing the need for high-level formation in the field of High Performance Computing. This program is now accompanied by an online training program, based on Small Private Online Courses (SPOC) principles.

What is a SPOC?

Small Private Online Courses (SPOC) are:

  • fully online training sessions on a particular topic,
  • divided into consecutive weeks (typically 3 to 6),
  • based on learning activities delivered each week,
  • requiring typically 2 hours of work per week.

Moreover, all our SPOC are closed by a live and interactive conference.

Unlike a MOOC, the number of participants in a SPOC is specific and limited. Our SPOC are designed for engineers, physicists, computer scientists and numerical analysts who want to learn more about a particular topic.

Why choosing SPOC?

Here are 5 good reasons to choose SPOC:

  1. No need to travel! You can follow our SPOC from anywhere.
  2. Take your time to understand. You have 7 days to complete each week’s activities.
  3. Work when you want to: the 3 hours of work can be distributed over the week, depending on your schedule.
  4. Learn from and with the other participants during the learning activities.
  5. Interact at all times, with all other participants, ask questions and participate to forums and debates.


“After more than 12 years dealing with cold(ish) flows in turbomachinery, I decided to expand my area of expertise by covering the hot-end of the engine and particularly to the phenomenom of combustion. I’ve been sponsored by Airbus to follow this course [Fundamentals of turbulent combustion, March-May 2021] at CERFACS Toulouse, which is very well conducted and put solid bases ro my further development in this challenging subject.” Stefano

“I’m glad to have completed the CERFACS course “Fundamentals of Turbulent Combustion” [November-December 2021]. Thanks to Thierry Poinsot for the interesting topics analyzed ans for his expectory clarity despite the difficulties inherent the subject approached”. Giulio


Our SPOCs are hosted by the MOOC-it platform, they require a satisfactory internet connection and access to the YouTube site in order to view the videos.

Terms of payment

Credit card only, except for our associates.

Next sessions

All our courses are given in English.

Code Coupling with OASIS3-MCT 

No dates for a collective session planned in 2024.

Please contact us at if you are interested in a personal session.

Please contact us at training(at)cerfacs.fr if you would be interested in an earlier session

Deadline for registration: 15 days before the starting date of each training and you need to have installed OASIS3-MCT on your platform before registering

OASIS3-MCT is a coupling library that can be used to exchange information between different codes modelling the different components of the Earth System, e.g. the ocean or the atmosphere. In this training, mixing theory, videos, quizzes and hands-on, you will learn how to use OASIS3-MCT. Your goal will be to instrument two toy models to set-up a real coupled model exchanging coupling fields.

A 3-minute video with more details on this SPOC

Prices: students 120 € – Cerfacs shareholders : 180 € – others : 240 € (Taxes not included)

Details and pre-registration [closed]

Fundamentals of thermo-acoustic instabilities

Next date : From Monday 29th April, 2024 to Sunday 26th May, 2024

Deadline for registration: 15 days before the starting date of each training

Coupling between acoustic waves and flames has become a central issue in the development of many modern combustion systems. This course presents the theoretical background needed to tackle such problems.

Price: students : 240 € – Cerfacs shareholders : 360 € – others : 480 € (Taxes not included)

Details and pre-registration

Fundamentals of Turbulent Combustion

Next date to be defined in 2024

Deadline for registration: 15 days before the starting date of each training

This online course describes the fundamental elements required to understand modern tools for combustion simulation. It covers the first six chapters of the textbook Theoretical and numerical combustion by Poinsot and Veynante. The course enables engineers and researchers to understand the physics of combustion and the various methods used to simulate it. It will allow students to understand modern simulation methods used to analyze laminar and turbulent flames.

Price: students : 420 € – Cerfacs shareholders : 630 € – others : 840 € (Taxes not included)

Details and pre-registration [closed]

Fundamentals of Lattice Boltzmann Method

Next dates to be defined in 2024

Deadline for registration: 15 days before the starting date of each training

The Lattice Boltzmann Method (LBM), derived from the gas kinetic theory, has emerged as an alternative to the resolution of Navier-Stokes equations using computational fluid dynamics. LBM is an unsteady method and has several strengths: (1) easy mesh generation on complex geometry and (2) allows massively parallel computing. This training aims at providing basic knowledge on how LBM works.

Price: students : 240 € – Cerfacs shareholders : 360 € – others : 480 € (Taxes not included)

Details and pre-registration [closed]

Si vous souhaitez plus d’informations merci de contacter training(at)cerfacs.fr






Data assimilation

From Monday 24 June 2024 to Thursday 27 June 2024






Machine learning for data science

From Monday 7 October 2024 to Thursday 10 October 2024






Fundamentals to understand and analyse high fidelity compressible Large Eddy Simulations

From Monday 14 October 2024 to Wednesday 16 October 2024

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