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Computational Fluid Dynamics

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Airflow simulation around aircrafts, engines, buildings …

The CFD team (Computational Fluid Dynamics) is the biggest one at CERFACS. It focuses on flow simulation while developing advanced numerical methods applied to planes, rockets, helicopters, car engines, turbines, etc. The CFD team is strongly tied to other teams like GLOBC or PAE that also use CFD to forecast climate changes or the environmental impact of aviation: indeed, behind these themes, the equations that govern fluid flows are to be found first.

Calculate this engine before building it !

The CFD team develops essential tools in numerous applicative fields with a today well-known leitmotiv in the industrial world: let's calculate systems (planes, engines) before building them. This allows to reduce the cost of testing by one order of magnitude.  The CFD team is at the centre of this research along with its shareholders.

CFD is also a field where High Performance Computing is to be found : CFD simulations rely on fine computational grids with billions of points running on million-core supercomputers. Performing reliable and efficient calculations is another main focus for which Cerfacs is recognized as a key partner.


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In memory of Hieu HA MINH and Vincent Van KEMENADE

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Bénédicte CUENOT

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9 postdoctoral researchers, 42 PhD students and trainees




Trophy of the Digital Simulation and Artificial intelligence 2020 – Co design category

Jérôme DOMBARD |  27 October 2020

The "Usine Digitale" magazine and Teratec awarded the Digital Simulation and Artificial intelligence Trophy 2020 category co-design to our joint project about the first LES of a full engine with Akira Tech and Safran. More information on Acknowledgments: these results are part of the ATOM project led by SafranTech which received funding from the DGAC, French Civil Aviation Authority, and Safran under grant agreement No 2018-39.Read more

Young PhD day (JDD) – Thursday 8 October 2020

Brigitte Yzel |  24 September 2020

  Ph.D. Students' Day (JDD 2020) Thursday 8 October 2020 Virtual event open to our partners and associates   Planning   The 2020 edition of the PhD Students' Day will take place on October 8th, 2020. This year, this day of the PhD students of the Cerfacs, will take place mainly in visio in order to respect all the health safety measures relating to Covid-19. This day will be held in a virtual way through oral presentations filmed and broadcast on a private link, which we will distribute to all participants. Everyone will thus be able to discover at a distance the subjects developed by the doctoral students. At the same time, the "Posters session" will be opened on the morning of the JDD, by sending all the posters in pdf format by e-mail to all the participants for consultation, and by opening the "50-minute question session" on a channel whose links we will send you. This will allow participants to ask questions about the posters of the session. Finally, we have included in this 5th edition a great novelty, by allowing several students to present their subject in the popularised form of "My thesis in 3 minutes", guided by Matthieu Pouget, actor and theatre director. This day will end with the vote for the "Best poster" and the "Best presentation of My thesis in 3 minutes". Participation in the event is free of charge. However, for logistical reasons, registration, only by invitation, is mandatory.   Organising Committee:  Scientific committee  Nicolas Venkovic Victor Xing Inscription &  information Jade Schweiger Brigitte Yzel  Read more