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CFD Team Thesis

CFD PhD Defenses 2021

  1. RENARD Florian – Hybrid Lattice Boltzmann Method for Compressible Flows – March 19, 2021 (abstract)
  2. VEILLEUX Adèle – Extension of the spectral difference method to simplex cells and hybrid grids – March 24, 2021 (abstract)
  3. ESNAULT Soizic – Large Eddy Simulations of Heat Transfer within Aircraft Engine Acoustic Treatments – March 31, 2021 (abstract)
  4. THOMAS Martin – Combustor – turbine interactions: hot spot migration and thermal environment prediction for a better understanding and design of helicopter engines – May 28, 2021 (abstract)
  5. ASTOUL Thomas – Towards improved lattice Boltzmann aeroacoustic simulations with non-uniform grids: application to landing gears noise prediction, June 17, 2021 (Abstract)
  6. SCHUSTER Dominik -Large scale simulations of swirling and particle-laden flows using the Lattice-Boltzmann Method, July 13th, 2021 (Abstract)
  7. CAZÈRES Quentin – Analysis and reduction of chemical kinetics for combustion applications, July 13th, 2021 (Abstract)
  8. CARMONA Julien – Modelling of two-phase flow phenomena in aeronautical Airblast injectors, 16 September 2021(Abstract)
  9. BLANCHARD Simon – Multi-physics Large-Eddy Simulation of methane oxy-combustion in Liquid Rocket Engines, Septembre 22nd, 2021 (Abstract)

CFD PhD Defenses 2020

  1. HARNIEH Maël –  Prediction of the loss generation in anisothermal compressible flows applied to Nozzle Guide Vane with the Large Eddy Simulations – january 12, 2020 (abstract)
  2. LAURENT Charlélie – Low-Order Modeling and High-Fidelity Simulations for the Prediction of Combustion Instabilities in Liquid-Rocket Engines and Gas Turbines – june 19, 2020 (abstract)
  3. QUEGUINEUR Matthieu – Stability and control of unsteady phenomena in rotor/stator cavities using Large Eddy Simulation – june 26, 2020 (abstract)
  4. Fabien DUPUY – Reduced Order Models and Large Eddy Simulation for Combustion Instabilities in aeronautical Gas Turbines – june 30, 2020 (abstract)
  5. GALLEN Lucien – Prediction of soot particles in Gas Turbine Combustors using Large Eddy Simulation – july 1st, 2020 (abstract)
  6. MALÉ Quentin – Numerical Investigation of Pre-Chamber Ignition in Internal Combustion Engines – december 11, 2020 (abstract)

CFD PhD Defenses 2019

  1. CAMPET Robin – Simulation and optimization of steam cracking processes – january 17, 2019 (abstract) (video)
  2. DUPUIS Romain – Surrogate models coupled with machine learning to approximate complex physical phenomena involving aerodynamic and aerothermal simulations. – february 4, 2019 (abstract) (video)
  3. GROSNICKEL Thomas – Large Eddy Simulations to predict internal turbine blade cooling flows – february 11, 2019 (abstract)
  4. MUSCAT Laurent – Coupling of time integration schemes for compressible unsteady flows – march 12, 2019 (abstract)(video)
  5. CATCHIRAYER Mathieu – WMLES, wall-model, boundary layer, turbulence, turbomachinery – march 27, 2019 (abstract)
  6. JONCQUIÈRES Valentin – Numerical model and simulation of Hall effect thrusters – april 12, 2019 (abstract)
  7. FIORE Maxime – Influence of inter-disc cavity flow on turbine aerodynamics – may 7, 2018 (abstract)
  8. ROY Pamphile – Uncertainty Quantification in High Dimensional Problem – may 14, 2019 (abstract)
  9. COLLIN-BASTIANI Félix – Modeling and Large-Eddy Simulations of Two-Phase Ignition in Gas Turbines – may 28, 2019 (abstract)
  10. ROCHETTE Bastien – Modelisation and simulation of two-phase flow turbulent combustion in aeronautical engines – june 25, 2019 (abstract)
  11. WISSOCQ Gauthier- Investigation of lattice Boltzmann methods for turbomachinery secondary air system simulations- december 4, 2019 (abstract) (video)

CFD PhD Defenses 2018

  1. FERAND Mélissa – Numerical modeling of far-field turbofan-engine combustion noise – february 6, 2018 (abstract)
  2. COREIXAS Christophe – High-order extension of the recursive regularized Lattice Boltzmann Method – february 22, 2018 (abstract)(video)
  3. DOUNIA Omar – Numerical investigation of gas explosion phenomena in confined and obstructed channels – april 23, 2018 (abstract)
  4. POTIER Luc – Large Eddy Simulation of the combustion and heat transfer in sub-critical rocket engines – may 24, 2018 (abstract)
  5. Dario MAESTRO –  Large Eddy Simulations of the interactions between flames and thermal phenomena: application to wall heat transfer and combustion control – september 27, 2018 (abstract)
  6. BIZZARI Romain – Aerodynamic and thermal modelling of effusion cooling in LES – november 5, 2018 (abstract) (video)

CFD PhD Defenses 2017

  1. MARINO Morgane – Comprehensive analysis of the Fenestron® aerodynamics using advanced numerical simulations – april 11, 2017  (abstract)
  2. NDIAYE Aïssatou – Uncertainty Quantification for the prediction of thermo-acoustic instabilities in gas turbine combustors – april 18, 2017 2017 (abstract)
  3. LACASSAGNE Laura – Numerical simulations and linear stability analysis of corner vortex shedding in solid rocket motors –  april 21, 2017 (abstract) (vidéo)
  4. NI Franchine – Accounting for complex flow-acoustic interactions in a 3D thermo-acoustic Helmholtz solver –  april 24, 2017 (abstract)
  5. VANHAREN Julien – High-order numerical methods for unsteady flows around complex geometries – may 16, 2017 (abstract)(video)
  6. SHUM KIVAN Francis – Large Eddy Simulation of spray flames and modelling of non-premixed combustion –  june 15, 2017(abstract)
  7. FELDEN Anne – Development of Analytically Reduced Chemistries (ARC) and applications in Large Eddy Simulations (LES) of turbulent combustion – june 30, 2017 (abstract)
  8. DAROUKH Majd – Effects of distortion on modern turbofan tonal noise – july 6, 2017 (abstract)(video)
  9. BECERRIL Cesar – Simulation of noise emitted by a reactive flow – september 19, 2017 (abstract) (video)
  10. SEGUI-TROTH Luis – Multi-physics coupled simulations of gas turbines – november 14, 2017 (abstract)(video)
  11. DUCHAINE Florent – High Performance Code Coupling for Multiphysics and Multicomponent Simulations In Fluid Dynamics – Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches, november 27, 2017 (abstract)(video)
  12. BIOLCHINI Romain – Study of temperature effects on subsonic jet noise by Large Eddy Simulation – december 12, 2017 (abstract)(video)
  13. AILLAUD Pierre – Large Eddy Simulation for high-pressure turbine vane cooling systems – december 21, 2017 (abstract)(video)

CFD PhD Defenses 2016

  1. SADOUDI Yannis – Numerical simulation of Fan/Nacelle interaction under crosswind conditions – march 11, 2016 (abstract)
  2. LABARRÈRE Laure – Theoretical and numerical study of the isochore combustion  applied to the case of the thermoreacteur – march 21, 2016 (abstract)(video)
  3. LE BRAS Sophie – Wall modeling and non-conforming grid interfaces for computational aeroacoustics with a high-order numerical approach – march 24, 2016 (abstract)
  4. CAYOT Pierre – High order numerical schemes for Large-Eddy Simulation on unstructured grids – April 26, 2016 (abstract)
  5. JARAVEL Thomas – Prediction of pollutants in gas turbines using Large-Eddy Simulation – April 28,2016 (abstract)(video)
  6. BERGER Sandrine – Implementation of a coupled computational chain to the combustion chamber's heat transfer – June 20, 2016 (abstract)(video)
  7. MOURET Gaëlle – Adaptation of phase-lagged boundary conditions to Large-Eddy Simulation in turbomachinery configuration – June 30, 2016 (abstract)
  8. PÉREZ ARROYO Carlos – Large Eddy Simulations of a dual stream jet with shock-cells and noise emission analysis – november 2, 2016 (abstract)
  9. BRIDEL-BERTOMEU Thibault – Investigation of Unsteady Phenomena in Rotor/Stator Cavities Using Large Eddy Simulation – thèse soutenue le november 21, 2016 (abstract)

CFD  PhD Defenses 2015

  1. ESCLAPEZ Lucas –  Numerical study of ignition and inter-sector flame propagation in gasturbine –  may 22, 2015 (abstract)
  2. GHANI Abdulla – LES of self-excited transverse combustion instabilities in perfectly-premixed and swirling spray flames – september 17,  2015 (abstract)
  3. KOUPPER Charlie – Unsteady multi-component simulations dedicated to the impact of the combustion chamber on the turbine of aeronautical gas turbines – may 11, 2015 (abstract)
  4. LAPEYRE Corentin – Numerical study of flame stability, stabilization and noise in a swirl-stabilized combustor under choked conditions – september 18, 2015 (abstract)(video)
  5. LAHBIB Dorian – Aerothermal modeling of mutiperforated plate cooling for Large Eddy Simulations – december 17,2015 (abstract)
  6. LIVEBARDON Thomas – Modeling of combustion in helicopter engines – september 18, 2015 (abstract)
  7. MARI Raphaël – Influence of heat transfer on high pressure flame structure and stabilization in liquid rocket engines  – june 25, 2015 (abstract)(video)
  8. MISDARIIS Antony – Reduced kinetic schemes and thermal coupling for Large Eddy Simulations of knocking in piston engines – march 4, 2015 (abstract)(video)
  9. PAPADOGIANNIS Dimitrios – Coupled Large Eddy Simulations of combustion chamber-turbine interactions – may 6, 2015 (abstract)(video)
  10. PAULHIAC Damien – Modeling spray combustion in an aeronautical burner – april 30, 2015 (abstract)
  11. ZHU Manqi –  Large Eddy Simulation of thermal cracking in petroleum industry – may 5, 2015 (abstract)(video)

CFD PhD Defenses 2014

  1. GALLARD François – Aircraft shape optimization for mission performance – may 26, 2014 (video)
  2. BARRE David – Numerical simulation of ignition aeronautical combustion chambers – January 30, 2014 (video)


The AVBP code from CERFACS at the heart of three PRACE projects from the 23rd call

CERFACS |  30 September 2021

Cerfacs is involved in three PRACE projects of the 23rd call for which hour allocation runs from 01/10/2021 to 30/09/2022. Researchers from ECL/LMFA UMR5509 (Ecole Centrale de Lyon) and IMFT (UMR 5502) laboratories have earned projects entirely based on the use of the LES solver developed by Cerfacs AVBP and involve the support of experts from the CFD and COOP teams underling the importance and effectiveness of collaborations between French labs and Cerfacs. Alexis Giauque from ECL/LMFA UMR5509 (Ecole Centrale de Lyon) has obtained not only one but two PRACE projects! The first project LESFAN (RA0101, 30 000 000 CPU hours on Irene/Rome TGCC) is based on the use of AVBP in the turbomachinery version to study the generation of noise by a fan of a real airplane engine. The second, PRACE-EDGES (RA0101, 40 000 000 CPU hours on Irene/Rome TGCC) focuses on LES modeling of dens gas in complex geometries. To do so, the LMFA Team has developed advanced thermodynamic closures in AVBP allowing the direct simulation of such flows. Laurent Selle from IMFT (UMR 5502) has received CPU hours for the GASTON project (RA0061, 30 000 000 CPU hours on Marenostrum BSC) which aims to study the structure of hydrogen flames in porous materials. For this, IMFT and Cerfacs will perform coupled simulations considering the reactive flow with AVBP as well as the conduction in the porous medium with AVTP which is known to play an central role in the flame stabilization process.Read more

watch the online contest ”my thesis in 180 sec” organized for Marie Curie actions

CERFACS |  24 September 2021

Next Thursday, Sept 30th the #FallingWallsLab #MSCA research presentation competition will take place, . This is a competition in which 15 researchers compete to deliver the best presentation of their research topic in the format "my thesis in 180 seconds" . Javier Crespo-Anadon, 3rd year PhD student in the CFD team is one of the 15 finalists and he will present this thesis topic: ignition in spinning combustion engines for a reduction in CO2 emissions! You can watch it online on the above website on Sept 30th at 3pm. I encourage you to go to the website and register!  You'll be able to listen to the other participants' pitches and vote for your favorite. Come and see for yourself what kind of research the EU funds!Read more