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The 28 May 2019 at 14h00

PhD defense – Felix COLLIN BASTIANI : “Modeling and Large-Eddy Simulations of Two-Phase Ignition in Gas Turbines”

Marie LABADENS |  CERFACS, Toulouse (France) conference room J.-C. André |  


In order to meet the new international environmental regulations while maintaining a strong economic competitiveness, innovative technologies of aeronautical combustion chambers are developed. These technologies must guarantee fast relight in case of extinction, which is one of the most critical and complex aspects of engine design. Control of this phase involves a thorough understanding of the physical phenomena involved.
In this thesis the full two-phase ignition sequence of an aeronautical engine has been studied, from the breakdown of the spark plug to the propagation of the flame in the complete engine. For this purpose, Large-Eddy Simulations (LES) using a detailed description of the liquid phase (Euler-Lagrange formalism) and of the combustion process (Analytically Reduced Chemistry) were performed. The results also led to the development of a simplified model for the prediction of ignition probability map, which is particularly useful for the design of combustion chambers.


Benoit FIORINA Professor, EM2C, CentralSupelec,  Gif-sur-Yvette (France) Referee
Epaminondas MASTORAKOS Professor, University of Cambridge (United Kingdom) Referee
Corine LACOUR Lecturer, CORIA, INSA Rouen (France) Member
Marc BELLENOUE Professor, Pprime, ENSMA Poitiers (France) Member
Bruno RENOU Professor, CORIA, INSA Rouen (France) Member
Alain CAYRE Expert in combustion, Safran Aircraft Engines, Magny-les-Hameaux (France) Invited member
Bénédicte CUENOT Project Leader, CERFACS, Toulouse (France) Advisor
Eléonore RIBER Senior researcher, CERFACS, Toulouse (France) Co advisor


Sparse Days Meeting 2019 at Cerfacs, Toulouse

Brigitte Yzel |  12 May 2019

The annual Sparse Days meeting will be held at CERFACS in Toulouse on 11th and 12th July 2019. Registration for the Sparse Days is free but we ask people who are coming to register as soon as possible although the deadline is June 14th. Please complete the registration form (deadline : June 14th) indicating whether you want to give a talk and whether you wish to attend the conference dinner. Although an emphasis will be on parallel aspects, any talk that has an association with sparsity is welcome.Read more

The Telemac-Mascaret User Conference 2019 will be held in Toulouse on October 15-17th

superadmin |  2 May 2019

The conference  is organized by the European Center for Advanced Research and Training for Computational Science (CERFACS), on the Météo-France campus, in the conference room CIC. The conference will start with a one-day technical workshop (October 15th 2019), followed by a two-day conference on October 16-17th. A gala dinner will take place on the 16th evening for delegates and guests. Please check  more details.Read more