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PhD defense: Romain DUPUIS – “Surrogate Models Coupled with Machine Learning to Approximate Complex Physical Phenomena Involving Aerodynamic and Aerothermal Simulations.”

  Monday 4 February 2019 at 14h30

  Phd Thesis       CERFACS, salle de conférence JC André - Toulouse, France    

Numerical simulations provide a key element in aircraft design process, complementing physical tests and flight tests. They could take advantage of innovative methods, such as artificial intelligence technologies spreading in aviation. Simulating the flight mission for various disciplines pose important problems due to significant computational cost coupled to varying operating conditions. Moreover, complex physical phenomena can occur. For instance, the aerodynamic field on the wing takes different shapes and can encounter shocks, while aerothermal simulations around nacelle and pylon are sensitive to the interaction between engine flows and external flows. Surrogate models are used to substitute expensive high-fidelity simulations by mathematical approximations in order to reduce overall computation cost and to provide a data-driven approach.

Maria Vitoria SALVETTI                 Professor, Università di Pisa                   Referee
Christophe CORRE                       Professor, Ecole Centrale de Lyon           Referee
Angelo IOLLO                                Professor, Université de Bordeaux           Member
Piotr BREITKOPF                          Research Engineer , Université Technologie Compiègne     Member
Pierre SAGAUT                              Professor, Aix Marseille Université           Co advisor
Jean-Christophe JOUHAUD         Senior researcher, CERFACS Toulouse    Advisor    
Anne GAZAIX                               Project leader, IRT Saint Exupéry              Invited member
Clément LOURIOU                       Engineer, Airbus                                        Invited member