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From 7 June 2019 at 09h00 to 28 June 2019 at 17h30

Workshop on coding standards

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Deadline for registration: 15 days before the starting date of each training
Duration : 4 days : friday 7, 14, 21 and 28 June / (28 hours)



This training course enables the participants to reinforce their practical knowledge in coding. Usability, maintenance, testing, reviewing  are the main subjects tackled. Hands-on sessions with in-house tools are organized to put the theoretical courses into practice.

Objective of the training

First hand experience on how the code we write is used, understood, maintained and recycled – or discarded-.

Learning Outcomes

The participants should be able to :

Identify some code bloatings (primitive obsession, god-class, spaghetti).
Research and select an external package adapted to his needs.
Target participants
This training session is for students, engineers, physicists and computer scientists who wish to improve their coding skills and reduce time lost in the side effects of brute force coding.


In order to follow this course, you need to:

·         Knowledge of Unix commands.

·         Basic knowledge of Python.

To verify that the prerequisites are satisfied, the following questionnaires must be completed. You need to get at least 75% of correct answers in order to be authorized to follow this training session. If you don’t succeed it, your subscription will not be validated. You only have two chances to complete them.

Questionnaire 1 : https://forms.gle/FjANa2aBmjAkdXH77

Scientific contact: Antoine Dauptain


Every day from 9h to 17h30

Day 1 (June 7)

Code review on actual code brought by the students.
Introduction to linting

Day 2 (June 14)

Code review on actual code brought by the students.
Introduction to code bloaters

Day 3 (June 21)

Code review on actual code brought by the students.
Introduction to co-development techniques

Day 4 (June 28)

Code review on actual code brought by the students.
Introduction to maintenance costs and testing




Young PhD day

Brigitte Yzel |  19 February 2020

Cerfacs organizes its 5th edition of the Cerfacs Doctoral Students Day on Monday, May 11, 2020. This day will be an opportunity for each doctoral student to present his or her research subject in front of an audience of Cerfacs researchers but also representatives of our industrial and academic partners, as well as selected external guests. Great novelty this year, 10 students have the privilege to participate in a specific training course such as "My thesis in 180 seconds", in order to present their research topic in French and in simple terms. The day will end with the selection of the : best poster, and the best MT180 presentation.Read more

A researcher of CERFACS guest during the France Culture radio show « La méthode scientifique » this week

superadmin |  20 January 2020

Mélanie Rochoux,  a researcher at Cerfacs working on wildfire spread modeling at the interface between CFD simulations and data science, is invited to the France Culture radio show « La méthode scientifique » next Wednesday to talk about megafires. Who are they? How are they formed? What are their impacts? How science can provide insights? The radio show is on Wednesday, January 22nd at 4:00 pm on the France Culture's channel.Read more