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Cycling: it’s good for your health, air quality and climate! This page presents the initiatives implemented at Cerfacs to promote the daily use of bicycles.


News & Events

Allons-Y A Vélo (AYAV) – “Let's go by bike” starts next Monday at Cerfacs and on Météo-France campus! From February 3 to 7, leave your car in the garage, hop on your bicycle and get some fresh air!

In particular, Cerfacs participates in the AYAV challenge: use your bike to come to work and write down in this form (link to come) the kms covered each day of the week and help us rank Cerfacs among the most cycling companies in the Toulouse region!

And on Tuesday Feb 4 at 10 a.m., don’t miss the breakfast for all cyclists: 4 lighting kits to win!


The map of the routes of Cerfacs cyclists

Many people come to Cerfacs daily by bike. Here is the map of their itineraries. Feel free to contact them if you want more information about these trips. If you want to add your route, contact us!

Bicycle mileage allowance (Indemnité kilométrique vélo – IKV)

Since January 1, 2018, Cerfacs has implemented the bicycle mileage allowance (IKV for Indemnité kilométrique vélo) for its employees, according to this agreement, which regulates its terms. If you are a Cerfacs employee and wish to benefit from the IKV (up to 200 Euros per year), first read the document on bicycle safety rules and then complete and sign the IKV payment request form. The IKV will be paid quarterly upon presentation of the completed template file.


Self-service bicycles

Do you need a bike for a race in Les Pradettes, to get around the campus, or even to go home one night because your car broke down?

Two bicycles are in self-service, one pink and white and one green just outside the old building. Feel free to take advantage of it. The keys are available at the Cerfacs reception desk and in the F4 office (NW corner of the old building). You will then be asked to sign a release form.


Repair material

Repair equipment is available in office D2 (just next to the GLOBC meeting room). There is also an inflation and repair station with a stem and various tools on the parking lot of the social centre on the right as you leave Météo-France.


Nearest bicycle-Toulouse station

The nearest Toulouse Velô station is located 700 m from the entrance to the site at the junction between Chemin Reboul and Chemin du Marin, and there are also some at Les Pradettes and Route de Saint-Simon. All the details on the Vélô Toulouse website.


Bike contact at Cerfacs: velo@cerfacs.fr


CERFACS Combustion paper on rocket engines selected as Distinguished Paper at the last Int. Symp. on Comb. in Adelaide

superadmin |  14 April 2021

The paper of C. Laurent 'Heat-release dynamics in a doubly- transcritical LO2/LCH4 cryogenic coaxial jet flame subjected to fuel inflow acoustic modulation’  has been selected at the Distinguished Paper in the Gas Turbine and Rocket Engine Combustion colloquium for the 38th International Symposium on Combustion. This paper authored by Laurent, Staffelbach, Nicoud  and  T. Poinsot  is available here:  describes the first LES of a forced doubly transcritical flame.Read more

New Cerfacs’ Activity Report available

superadmin |  25 March 2021

The Cerfacs activity report covering the period from January 2019 to December 2020 is available.Read more