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Paul CASEAU 2022 thesis prize for Rem-Sophia MOURADI, in the framework of a Cerfacs EDF R&D collaboration

On November 9, 2022, Rem-Sophia MOURADI will receive the Paul CASEAU prize in the field of modeling and numerical simulation for her thesis “Non-linear data-driven modelling on multidimensional fields : an application to hydro-morphodynamic coastal flows”This research work was carried out in the framework of a collaboration between the Cerfacs-CNRS laboratory “CECI” (Climate, Environment, Couplings and Uncertainties) and the “National Laboratory for Hydraulics ans Environment” (LNHE) of EDF R&D. The thesis was supervised by Olivier THUAL (Cerfacs) and Cédric GOEURY (LNHE)


Aeronautics & Space Awards: Carlos Pérez Arroyo, Jérôme Dombard and Gabriel Staffelbach are awarded the Vermeil medal

Brigitte Yzel |  2 December 2022

  Formal Session 2022 of the Air and Space Academy Friday, December 9, 2:00-6:00 pm   📌 in person at the Salle des Illustres - Mairie de Toulouse  💻 and in visio  ✅ Mandatory registration (face-to-face or visio):   During the formal public session of the Air and Space Academy 2022, which will take place on Friday, December 9, starting at 2:00 pm, Salle des Illustres, Hôtel de Ville de Toulouse, in face-to-face and remote sessions, the Vermeil Medal will be awarded (at 5:15 pm) to Carlos PÉREZ-ARROYO, Jérôme DOMBARD, and Gabriel STAFFELBACH to honor the excellence of their work in the realization of the FULLEST project, the first high-fidelity simulation of an aircraft engine.    Read more

CERFACS cited in l’Usine Nouvelle, Industrie et Technologies

Corentin LAPEYRE |  25 November 2022

The work of CERFACS, in collaboration with SAFRAN, on the hybridization of physical simulation software with machine learning techniques, has been cited in the magazine l'Usine Nouvelle, and is included in a detailed write-up called "Simulation and machine learning combine their strengths" in the magazine Industries et Technologies this month. This work, supervised at CERFACS by Corentin Lapeyre, and at SAFRAN by Stéphane Richard, is at the forefront of developments in terms of exploiting artificial intelligence tools for the simulation and design of physical systems.Read more