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The 19 June 2020 at 10h00

PhD defense: Charlélie LAURENT – Low-Order Modeling and High-Fidelity Simulations for the Prediction of Combustion Instabilities in Liquid-Rocket Engines and Gas Turbines

Marie LABADENS |  Salle de conference JCA  |  


The development of future rocket engine or gas turbine technologies, intended to respectively reduce the costs of access to Space and pollutants emissions, requires a thorough understanding of combustion instabilities in order to be able to predict and avoid them. This work explores several directions to meet these expectations. The first is the introduction of a new class of low-order numerical methods, which allows the resolution of thermoacoustic modes in complex combustion chambers. These emerging numerical methods gave birth to STORM, a software package intended to assist aeronautical industry engineers during the design of new engines. The second direction followed is the study of the flame dynamics characteristic of liquid-rocket engines. These high-fidelity simulations revealed the mechanisms governing the oscillations
of such a flame during its interaction with a combustion instability.


Prof. M. Juniper      University of Cambridge               referee

Prof. W. Polifke      Technische Universität München   referee

Prof. A. Morgans     Imperial College London              member

Prof. N. Noiray        ETH Zürich                                   member

Dr. T. Schmitt           Laboratoire EM2C                       member

Prof. F. Nicoud         Université de Montpellier            member

Dr. T. Poinsot            IMFT Toulouse CNRS                advisor


B. Cuenot distinguished as Program Chair of international Symposium on Combustion

superadmin |  29 May 2020

B. Cuenot has been distinguished as Program Chair for the 39th International Symposium on Combustion, to be held in Vancouver (Canada) in 2022. The International Symposium on Combustion is a major event for the combustion community, where the current best research is presented.Read more

The Cerfacs will participate in the French HPC competence centre.

superadmin |  17 April 2020

The European Commission, via a EuroHPC call for projects, has asked each of the member states to create a National HPC Competence Centre, which will be its sole interlocutor, both to express the needs of users with regard to these new technologies and to accompany them in their implementation. Teratec, Cerfacs and Genci presented their candidature as French HPC Competence Centre which was accepted by the commission. The starting date of the Competence Centre is set for 1 September 2020.Read more